Being not satisfied with assessment order dated ____________, 20 ____________ passed by ____________ (Name), ITO, Region IV, we wish to raise the following objections: 1. The total expenses of ____________ (Amount) spent on foreign travelling are in accordance with the regulations and hence disallow­ing a sum of ____________ (Amount) is unjustified. 2. Local travelling amounting to ____________ (Amount) is fully supported by air & rail tickets and hotel bills and in the absence of any bill for food, etc. a deduction of ____________ (Amount) is unjustified. 3.

From a total expense of ____________ (Amount) spent on office amenities for providing tea, etc. to the staff is fully supported by vouchers and hence a deduction of ____________ (Amount) is unjustified. W0, therefore, request you to grant us the necessary refund for excess payment of ____________ (Amount) paid by us on account of above assessment. Thanking you Yours faithfully,(Your Name)(Company Name)Manager s


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