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» IGN (In Game Name): Overy» Age: 14» Timezone: EST» Do you have telegram?: Yes» Do you have teamspeak?: Yes» Do you have a good mic?: Yes» How many hours will you be online a day? (week-days): I can be on 8-10 hours here is my schedule weekly: Monday- 8 hours (2:14-9:40)Tuesday- 5 hours (4:40-9:40)Wednesday- 7 hours (5:00-9:40)Thursday- 8 hours (4:14-9:45)Friday- 6-10 hours (4:40 – 1 or 2 am)Saturday- 9-15 hours (9:30 am – 1-4 am)Sunday- 8 hours (12:00 am – 8:00)» Are you staff on any other servers currently?: No, I am not» Why should we pick you as a staff member?: I think I can make the network a better place by playing as a staff member I’m an active person and friendly person I always help people out when I can I will also always be on as much as I can just to help when people or staff members need help I will be there I know what to do in a lot of scenarios and I have a lot of experience witch some people might not have. I will always make people happy and never let them down say if they need help I will say ”Sure how can I help you” I am not toxic and some other staff members might be as I also said I am Dutch which also makes it easy for other staff members if they need a translator I will try to come on if they need me and translate it I’m not the best in screen sharing but other people might also not be the best I try and look up videos to get better and get more experience. I’m also a good guy in solving problems say if a staff member or a player has a problem with me I will take it to a Higher staff member Admin and tell them what happened in solve it together. I’m also able to record and make staff series on the network and I will happily do thatAnother reason as to why I should become staff is because I will be very active! As you saw on my timetable I can work on the Network 37 hours a week! I am not like one of those people who gets accepted and then does nothing. I will always be active helping players like I said! I should become staff because I am kind and trustworthy! I have had a couple of ups and downs whilst staffing on the Minecraft community but I have learned from it!Trustworthy/Be able to trust: I am very trustworthy. I do not abuse my staff permissions and I treat others the way I want to be treated. Yes if someone is hacking I’ll pull them into ts and ban them. I will tell them why they were banned and they can appeal on the forums.ScreenSharing/if needed:I have a lot of experience in screen sharing from my other staff experiences. Even if someone is lying I will get to the bottom of it.Kindness to other people:I am very kind as you saw in the “Trustworthy” section. I have a lot of respect for other people.Activity/activeness:I am very active as you saw on my schedule. I can afk in the Faithful Ts and help people with what they need. I will be very active. When you need me I will be right there for you. I won’t do anything stupid because I know the rules. What does it mean to be active exactly. Well being active means you are dedicated to what you are doing. Such as I am active. I am even on the forums while I am in school. I always stay in Ts.Honesty:I would never lie I hate being lied to. I feel honesty is a really big thing on the forcide network and I feel staff don’t just make on lies and just do random bans for no reason. And I by this quote “treat others how you want them to treat you”.Maturity:I am mature for my age, I’m not the type of person to act up even when I’m staffing sometimes I do but then I keep it together I know how to control myself. I feel like staff needs to be maturity when talking someone that needs help also in game.Situation handling:I can handle situations really well like b hoping or even ints. As a hacker b hoping I would freeze them get them ints ask would u like to admit for a shorter ban if they say no then I will tell them to open a join.me or any desk if I find a b hoping client or any kind of client on their computer that they were using they will be banned for 60days. Another situation would be someone ints I move them in they say I got falsely banned from that Anti Cheat. I would say show me proof of u getting banned and show me why he got banned. If he doesn’t I will move him out of ts.» Do you have any previous staff experience?:I have been staff on ArbixPvP it is my server that I have recently created, It had a good player base for around a day or two until I have done a revamp, *Still doing the revamp to this day*, It had around 80 – 100 players for the whole day and around 10 – 6 the next day, The server was owned by me and my friend. I was a co-owner and he was the developer. There’s not much I could say since it was a practice server but it gave me a lot of experience from the staff I have recruited that knew what to do with a practice server.RailHQRail had a decent player base for about 2 weeks before dying off. There were about 40-50 players on daily. The server staff was extremely toxic though, which resulted in my resignation. The server had HCF, and Practice, and Kit Map. The staff team was mainly scammers. Although I was a high staff, I was still d dosed, so I had banned the d dosing staff members, and taken my pexperms away, then left.BlueHCFThis was a server that I was staff on with a decent player base on SOTW and practice, They hit around 120 players and stayed at 100 for a long time. I progressed from trial moderator all the way to moderator until their server shut down for maintenance and never came back up, Anyways this was a good server with a decent staff guide and a good screen share guide as well, This was one of the most massive experiences and taught me a lot about how to be a successful staff member and how to help out players efficiently.PiratesHCFThis server was getting 20 or more players every sotw but when I was staffing the owner kept abusing. I got trolled when I was staffing most of the time I left for lots of reasons the most important reason why I left was the abusing I was SrMod. The server is still up but it does not get that much of players anymore.» Have you ever been punished on our network?: No I have not» What attributes would you bring to the staff team?: Lots of experience and I stated that above» Additional information: If this gets denied I will not complain I will just deal with it.?


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