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Lesson Plan Name: Tulia RokobetaStudent Id: s11107897Word count: Topic: USA relationship with Hawai’i territoryLearning Aim/objective;In completion of this lesson the student should be able to understand and explain the reason as to why Hawaii island was annexed to United states. The student should be able to identify the era in which the last monarch of Hawaii ruled and how the influences of European setter come into contact with the native Hawaiians. Lastly, what was main intention of the American in Hawaii. Lecture Notes Introduction At the point when the Hawaiian Islands were formally invaded by the United States in 1898, the occasion made a noticeable end of a protracted interior battle between local Hawaiians and white American entrepreneurs for control of the Hawaiian government. In 1893 the last ruler of Hawaii, Queen Lili’uokalani, was ousted by gathering of representatives, who at that point forced a temporary government.

Before long, President Benjamin Harrison presented a treaty to add the Hawaiian Islands to the U.S. Senate for sanction. In 1897, the bargain exertion was blocked when the recently shaped Hawaiian Patriotic League, made out of local Hawaiians, effectively appealed to the U.S. Congress in restriction of the bargain. The League’s campaigning endeavors left just 46 Senators for the determination, not as much as the 2/3 greater part required for endorsement of a treaty. The League’s conquest was shortlived, however as unfurling world occasions soon constrained the addition issue to the fore once more.

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With the blast of the U.S.S.

Maine in February of 1898 flagging the beginning of the Spanish American War, building up a mid-Pacific powering station and maritime base turned into a key basic for the United States. The Hawaiian Islands were the unmistakable decision, and this time Congress moved to annex the Hawaiian Islands by Joint Resolution, a procedure requiring just a basic dominant part in the two places of Congress. On July 12, 1898, the Joint Resolution passed and the Hawaiian Islands were authoritatively annexation by the United States. Fig.0.1. The map of Hawaii1.

0 The challengers face by Hawai’i when the European settlers overthrow the Kingdom.The Hawaiian Islands had a settled culture and long history of self-administration when Captain James Cook, the principal European voyager to set foot on Hawaii, arrived in 1778. The impact of European and American colonizers rap/idly started to change conventional lifestyles. Initially represented by singular chiefs and kings, the islands joined under the control of a solitary ruler, King Kamehameha, in 1795, under two decades after Cook’s landing. Later the customary Hawaiian government was ousted for an established government.

Inevitably, the government itself was deserted for an administration chose by a little gathering of liberated voters, in spite of the fact that the Hawaiian ruler was held as the stylized leader of the legislature. Indeed, even components of day by day life felt the social and financial effect of the white planters, missionaries and businesspeople. The landholding framework changed, and numerous parts of traditional culture were forbidden including instructing the Hawaiian dialect and playing out the local Hula move.In 1887, the battle for control of Hawaii was at its peak as David Kalakaua was chosen to the Hawaiian position of royalty. Ruler Kalakaua marked a correspondence arrangement with the United States making it feasible for sugar to be sold to the U.S. showcase tax-exempt, however the haole or “white” agents were as yet wary of him.

They scrutinized his connections to men they accepted to be degenerate, his recovery of Hawaiian conventions, for example, the notable Hula, and development of the regal Iolani Palace. An outrage including Kalakaua ejected in the very year he was delegated, and it joined his rivals, a gathering of agents under the authority of Lorrin Thurston. The restriction utilized the danger of viciousness to compel the Kalakaua to acknowledge another constitution that stripped the government of official powers and supplanted the bureau with individuals from the entrepreneurs gathering. The new constitution, which successfully disappointed most local Hawaiian voters, came to be known as the “Blade Constitution” in light of the fact that Kalakaua marked it under pressure.

1104900top0fig.1.2. The image of David Kalakaua: he was the 7th monarch and the last king of Hawaii. 1.2 Why there was a need to Annex Hawaii to the U.

S When King Kalakaua died in 1891, his sister Lili’uokalani succeeded him, and individuals from the local native’s people convinced the new ruler to draft a new constitution trying to re-establish local rights and powers. The move was countered by the Committee on Annexation, a small gathering of white agents and government officials who felt that extension by the United States, the real merchant of Hawaiian farming items, would be valuable for the economy of Hawaii. Bolstered by John Stevens, the U.S. Clergyman to Hawaii, and an unexpected of Marines from the warship, U.

S.S. Boston, the Committee on Annexation toppled Queen Lili’uokalani in a bloodless takeover on January 17, 1893 and set up a progressive administration.Without consent from the U.

S. State Department, Minister Stevens at that point perceived the new government and declared Hawaii a U.S. protectorate. The Committee quickly declared itself to be the Provisional Government. President Benjamin Harrison signed a treaty with the new government, however before the Senate could confirm it, Grover Cleveland succeeded Harrison as president and therefore pulled back the arrangement.

In no time into his administration, Cleveland designated James Blount as an extraordinary specialist to research the occasions in the Hawaiian Islands. Blount found that Minister Stevens had acted disgracefully and requested that the American banner be brought down from Hawaiian government structures. He likewise requested that Queen Lili’uokalani be re-established to control, however Sanford Dole, the leader of the Provisional Government of Hawaii, declined to turn over power. Dole effectively contended that the United States had no privilege to meddle in the inside undertakings of Hawaii.

The Provisional Government at that point declared Hawaii a republic in 1894, and soon the State of Hawaii was formally known by the United States.The overthrow of Lili’uokalani and inconvenience of the Republic of Hawaii was in opposition to the will of the local Hawaiians. Local Hawaiians organized mass dissent revives and shaped two sexual orientation assigned gatherings to challenge the topple and avert extension. One was the Hui Hawaii Aloha Aina, inexactly deciphered as the Hawaiian Patriotic League, and the other was its female partner, the Hui Hawaii Aloha Aina o Na Wahine. On January 5, 1895, the dissents appeared as an equipped endeavor to crash the extension however the outfitted revolt was smothered by powers of the Republic. The pioneers of the revolt were detained alongside Queen Lili’uokalani who was imprisoned for neglecting to put down the revolt. In March of 1897, William McKinley was introduced as President of the United States.

McKinley was agreeable to extension, and the adjustment in initiative was soon felt. On June 16, 1897, McKinley and three delegates of the administration of the Republic of Hawaii Lorrin Thurston, Francis Hatch, and William Kinney marked a settlement of extension. President McKinley at that point presented the arrangement to the U.

S. Senate for endorsement.The Hui Aloha Aina for Women and the Hui Aloha Aina for Men now composed a mass appeal to drive. They trusted that if the U.S.

government understood that the lion’s share of local Hawaiian natives restricted addition, the move to attach Hawaii would be halted. Between September 11 and October 2, 1897, the two gatherings gathered request of marks at open gatherings hung on every one of the five vital islands of Hawaii. The appeal, plainly checked “Request of Against Annexation” and written in both the Hawaiian and English dialects, was marked by 21,269 local Hawaiian individuals, or the greater part the 39,000 local Hawaiians and blended blood people detailed by the Hawaiian Commission enumeration for that year.In other occasion brought the subject of addition up again promptly. On February 15, 1898, the U.S. Ship Maine was exploded in Havana harbor in Cuba.

The following Spanish-American War, some portion of which was battled in the Philippine Islands, set up the vital estimation of the Hawaiian Islands as a mid-Pacific filling station and maritime establishment. The master addition powers in Congress presented a proposition to add the Hawaiian Islands by joint determination, which required just a basic dominant part vote in the two houses. This wiped out the 2/3 lion’s share expected to endorse a bargain, and by result, the essential help was set up. House Joint Resolution 259, 55th Congress, second session, known as the “Newlands Resolution,” passed Congress and was marked into law by President McKinley on July 7, 1898.Once added by the United States, the Hawaiian Islands remained a U.S. region until 1959, when they were admitted to statehood as the 50th state. The narrative of the addition is an account of clashing objectives as the white representatives attempted to acquire positive exchange conditions and local Hawaiians tried to ensure their social legacy and keep up a national character.

The 1897 Petition by the Hawaiian Patriotic League remains as proof that the local Hawaiian individuals protested addition, but since the interests of the agents won out, finished the coming decades most students of history who composed the historical backdrop of Hawaii underlined occasions as told by the Provisional Government and generally ignored the battle of the Native Hawaiians. Conclusion Today, there is a developing development on the Islands to restore enthusiasm for the local Hawaiian dialect and culture.Lesson Activity Fill in the blanks: Timeline of annexation in Hawaii 1898 1891 1854 1840U.S. declares it will not allow another country to annex__________________.

Treaty to annex Hawaii was written but never sent to Senate. _______________Queen Liliuokalani tried to end the control of American businesses over Hawaii________.U.S. annexes Hawaii after the Spanish-American War___________.

Multiple choiceU.S. annexes Hawaii after the Spanish-American WarA.1840sB.1790sC.1820sD.1898Grover Cleveland withdraws the treaty to annex Hawaii and the Queen is back on the throne.A.

1854B. 1893C. 1893 (first)D. 1891 3.

Coup led by American business leaders overthrew the Queen A. 1893 C. 1893 first B. 1891 D. 18544. Who was the last monarch of Hawaiian Islands. A.

James cook B. David Kalakaua C. Queen Lili’uokalani D. King KamehamehaDiscussion question Why did the USA want to annexed Hawaii?:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.Name the government that Hawaii had before annexation.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.How did the US annexed Hawaii?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Why did McKinley want to annex Hawaii?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


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