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left-7736700left9549130Sussex Cricket FoundationRegistered in England and Wales: Company Number: 9592885, Charity Number: 1162649Registered Office: c/o 1st Central County Ground, Eaton Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3AN00Sussex Cricket FoundationRegistered in England and Wales: Company Number: 9592885, Charity Number: 1162649Registered Office: c/o 1st Central County Ground, Eaton Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3ANSussex Cricket FoundationThe 1st Central County GroundEaton Road, Hove,East Sussex, BN3 3ANTel: 0844 264 0202Fax: 01273 771549www.sussexcricket.co.uk/sussex-cricket-communityAdult Leagues GroupMinutesMonday 20th August 2018Apologies for absence – Peter Crees, Paul McNally, John Etheridge, Bob Warren Matters arising from last meeting – Social media account needs to be up and running by the 1st October (Carl)League Updates: Premier- Issues arising around umpires not understanding how to report or deal with incidents on the field.

They are not reporting issues and therefore disciplinaries are down. Umpires don’t like the law 42 scenario and propose they go back to previous disciplinary system. Will stop umpires having to give decisions on the spot and take away the on-field penalties. Invitation- Seeing disciplinaries on a weekly basis, inconsistent in their decisions. Finals day on the 2nd September at Preston Nomads CC.

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East – Mid – Couple of disciplinaries issues as well. Two resignations: Dave Parsons, Mike Newcombe? Withdrawn: Turners Hill CC, can’t get a team out. Playing Conditions: Currently 26 teams in the conference, they meet up in January to discuss rules and regulations and pick and choose their fixtures.

Discussion on making the conference work on a short-term basis i.e. booking in a fixture the week before. Survey – Proposed action: Top teams have the split season, division 3 – 7 will go to a vote at the next AGM. While divisions 8 and down will be playing win/lose cricket. Main concern being whether we would lose more players by getting rid of declaration cricket higher up in the divisions than we would gain by making it all win/lose.

People who play declaration cricket wanted: a winning draw, bowling restrictions and an earlier start time. Balls and Sponsorship: 6000 Balls needed – debating who to go with in terms of Gray-Nicholls, Newberry and Lords?Keith to have a meeting with Smile group travel about sponsorshipDan to have a discussion with Chain IQ about sponsorshipIssued raised of whether two balls are needed in the lower divisions fixtures.Constitution working group:Instead of losing all four vice you only lose a couple?3 years for a chairman?Facilitate bonus points – add them in to the constitution?512? Remains as it is for now, discussion was had to have it removed. Administrative regulation – Raised by Mike about the boys and girls?Need to go back and talk to the executive committees to see who wants to be involved going forward. Work on getting potential names in place to fill the roles. Report back to David and ? by the end of next week with any amendments in the code of conduct etc. Finances: Not discussed, will be done in the next meeting when we know more about sponsorship and deals.

Umpires – Attached Separately Promotions and Relegations:Central and East do not have enough teamsTeams can move from regions if requestedPlan to move 5 teams from the East to the Central in various levels of the league to have full divisions and overall a better balance of teams for both the East and Central. Arrangements: AGM = 29th OctoberWSICL – Meeting 17/09/2018Tuesday 18th – 19th October – Awards Dinner?WSICL & Mid Dinner – Friday 5th OctoberArrange a meeting for the end of September/ Early October


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