Learning with spanish woman who speaks little english,

Learning a new skill is not an easy task.it is like walking in a tunnel not sure whereis the end but in here you have  something to learn,when train goes throught a tunnel and it gets dark,you don’t throw away a ticket and jump off. You just sit still and trust the engineer.learning new skill like trust the engineer,in other words you have to trust the process while yougo throught on it.But the problem is most people get excited during this process,of course at the beggining you can have hard hours and maybeyou lose your faith in the middle of the process but remember the key to master anything are desire and time.There is no mastery without a depth of passion.ok let’s jump to the real world senario let’s think when you are suddenly fall in love with spanish woman who speaks little english, then what do you do?? you just forget her and find another woman who can speak english!! nope, you try differant way to learn spanish in a few months than two or three years of spanish classes, no matter how good or bad the teacher ,See!! did you  ever plan to learn spanish, unless you met that spanish woman. I think now you got the point everything is about the way we focuse. if you want something very badly you get it no matter how hard the situation is you just nail it.Mastery is not something genetic or for a lucky few have.It is something we can all gain if we get rid of some misconception.Then now you think how you can do it .Well here’s how you can do it1)find your passionI strongly belive everyone is made to do something exceptional.Just like spanish woman story when you know how it feels when it’s come to love  its totaly differant feeling from every person  you meet up day to day life so can’t you apply the same concept for your other works also. (You can’t go with something half a hart.)Before you come to the track there might have lots of failiurs,don’t think as you wasteon your time it’s actually shape your life remember without failiurs you can’t handle your succese.  So!!!!it is not a big deal to hunt your passion isn’t it. 2)practice, practice”I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” bruse lee-our brain is a miracle of design.if we have not  build up the proper learning skills it goes away.That is why we need to  practice and at the same time its boost our self confident too.But in here there’s something special we have to remember let’s say you want to play piano then you practice whole day without break and stop, again you come back to the practice after few days.do you think you can be a pianoist?? never you can’t do it like that way ,you only do bunch of stuff with no intention to what the end result isso you don’t improve.For everything there is a pattern,only challange is you have to figger out what it is and repeat it day by day. 3) Have the faith in the learning process itself This is one of the main thing you have to deal with.It’s faith.We all have faith on something.even we don’t see it as real.that’s the thing keep you going,that’s the thing people afraid to do the wrong , that’s the thing people belive in every story have happy ending, So in your story you need that faithif you want to see the happy ending.during the process just don’t give up.keep your eyes in future.Every person’s time clock is differnat.You can’t compare you first step with someone’s last steps.Make a plan and work for it. I think everyonce know the story of turtal and bunny.it’s kinda funny story by looking at the surface but the moral in that story is don’t juge the people on their cover and never give up until the last moment because you don’t no what happenthere is two kind of people when it comes to the learning, starters and finishersstarters have high level of motivation at the begging of the work just like us we all are starters that’s why we are herefinisher is the one who see the finish line even if they don’t know how far they have to gobe a finishers because staters are not always winners 


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