Learning a reputed organisation to gain first-hand knowledge

Learning is an incessant process and driven by the same principle I aspire to pursue my Masters in engineering management.I had been working as a System Engineer for over two years with Tata Consultancy Services(TCS),one of the leading IT firm of global reputation and recognition.The opportunity of returning back to academic would open myriads of vistas for me to grow personally and professionally. After graduating in Production Engineering from Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya, Gujarat Technological University, I felt I should gain some practical experience working in a reputed organisation to gain first-hand knowledge of what the life of a an engineer in real life would be. I have loved every minute of my work: especially the opportunity to participate in multiple projects of one of world’s leading automobile manufacturers and discuss ideas with experts in the field. I soon realized that, although I enjoy handling the responsibilities given to me, I am not going to be satisfied with carrying out routine procedures and limit myself to a predefined role. I want to be part of the team that directs the course of the project. My senior colleagues have encouraged my ambition and feel that I have the potential for graduate studies in engineering management. I aim to pursue my Masters in Engineering management as I strongly believe that possessing technical knowledge alone is not sufficient. A detailed know-how of the implementation along with management skills is not only the need of the hour but also  in accordance with the working ethics. Knowledge of management that involves technical intricacies is critical for my individual growth as well as the growth of the firm that I would serve. In my current organisation, I have been working closely with the clients and internal stakeholders in an agile environment. The better I enhance these skills, the more opportunities would arise for me to choose from. Finally, I hope that in future, the mentoring of the experienced and learned professors in your institute, will help me to cultivate my skills and expertise more extensively.I have been asked a lot why I did not take up graduate studies directly after graduating. I have always answered that I wanted to make sure that I choose the right time and the right place to join a course of further study that would affect the coming years of my life.I took my lessons both in and out of the classroom- keeping myself occupied with numerous industrial visits and training programs as I firmly believe that only theoretical knowledge is not enough to succeed. This attitude helped me to get a closer look at the various aspects of the subject. I presented a technical paper at the national level and also took responsibility of organizing various cultural, technical, and recreational events. I was elected the student representative of my Department, taking into consideration my leadership qualities, communication skills and academic performance.During the final year of my bachelor’s degree, I undertook two industry defined projects for GMM Pfaudler,USA the world leader in Glass Lined equipments–Design of Fixture for Non Standard Wiped Film Evaporator Rotor Assembly and In-Process Monitoring of GTAW process by Acoustics Emissions. I was the project leader for both of my projects and I learned how to overcome numerous practical difficulties and stringent timelines in the implantation of ideas and tasks- with limited resources. I successfully completed both my projects on time, with the guidance of technical experts in industry and experienced professors in my College.My objective of pursuing masters degree in engineering management is to acquire an in-depth knowledge and sharpen my intellectual abilities in this stream. Ten years down the line I see myself working in a management profile for a reputed firm . I would like to be able to apply what I learn to the industry and contribute towards its development.I find that your esteemed university, with its top class facilities and well versed faculties, will be the perfect place for my graduate studies. I wait for your benevolent acceptance of my application so that I can get admission in this program.


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