League of Stickman Archer

In “League of Stickman Archers”, be a good archer, hit
apples by pulling and release arrows on time to hit apples with accurate aim. “League
of Stickman Archer” is a game of interest with full of joy. You can target
apple with accurate angel.

“League of stickman Archer” is exclusive for archery lovers.
Drag your blow to shoot apple at the head of stickman. There is a level in
which you have to target the randomly moving apples. You can improve your
archery skills by playing this “league of Stickman” game.

You can lost your life if you will hit the stickman. There are
fifty levels in “league of stickman archer”. Every level has different tasks
related to archery techniques. Aim and shoot all apples in every level.

You will find best archery experience in League of Stickman

Let’s grab your armed weapon and hit towards the target by
making your perfect short. You had played many games the strategic games and
the games who involve user by graphically representation and other fantastical control.
As for other archery games this game is same as it designed who love to play
the point short game and other arcade categories like the stickman archery,
stickman point shooting games.

There are total 50 levels in each level you have to aim the
apples located in different position also they are moving with boxes. You have
to take the aim on apple with your eagle eye and hit by you archer as for as
you going towards next levels the thrill and the aiming objects gives you strategically
planning to complete your desired levels. Graphics and the animation are
totally designed according to user interest on playing different archer games
on store.  

League of stickman archer will be more enhanced in coming updates.




Real Environment

Use Arrow Physics

Excellent animation effect
with wonderful background

Limited arrows to hit your targeted

User friendly controls

Drag and release Arrow

Every level with difficult

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really precious for us.

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