Leading help them to achieve their goals

                     Leading a
group is not an easy thing to do. you must have some effective characteristics and
features to be a great leader. The influential people could be found everywhere.
An effective leader should have some important characteristics and features to be
influence person and most of the successful leaders share some of these features,
such as, effective communication, experience, knowledge, encouraging people,
self-confidence, creative planner and many other features that help them to make
changes in the world and let people follow them. You might know a lot of
leaders in your life, and probable you admire some of them. Every single person
has an influent person in his life. A person who has the knowledge to guide us,
teach us how to make our life even better.

of all, I would love to say Dr. Rashad Fakiha is one of the best leaders who I
admire. Rashad has many qualities and features to be a good leader. He is leading
a thousand of different positions with his knowledge and experience. As a
Trainer in a human development, vocational training, career development and
business. He worked as a personal consultant for many famous and effective
people and was chosen to be one of the most twenty influential people in the
Middle East. The great leaders use their knowledge to become more confident. Dr.
Fakiha is always using the effective speech with the audience. He uses simple
words with simple factors by using his own way to help people understand him.
He had contributed to motivate and make the positive changes in the community
through persuading families and young people to work on themselves by improving
and making them optimistic and make them create their own opportunities. These
opportunities help them to achieve their goals and dreams, also to keep them being
hopeful, believing on themselves keep changing positively. His contribution to
the human and charity issues of society that has taken as an example of
positive changes. He encourages people to help and support some social
categories such as children who are having cancer, find job opportunities for
many unemployment, increase the awareness of youth against speed, and campaigns
for blood donation.

the best leader who encourages and motivates people by using his knowledge. Dr.
Rashad is an expert in motivating people like football players. He has the knowledge
to motivate them and make self-psychological treatment by using some mental
strategies technique that increase their physical performance to focus. He tries
to put them in the action rather than telling them the idea to believe his meant
and intent of accomplishes. Those players have achieved many championships because
of his encouragement.

                     To sum up,
leadership is not only an authority, it’s a responsibility to lead people by
their understanding and personalities, A good leader will be able to know how
to push them into their dreams and to create their environment to take their
decision through their actions, and support their decision whenever it possible.



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