There follow to be a good leader

There is a lot of important things to preform in taking the position of being a leader.

You are looking after others and also setting the role for younger kids.Some of the main important things to remember and follow to be a good leader is to have a lot of good quality. There is a lot of components to establish good quality. The following key points are critical and most important to follow.

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When you are teaching and dealing with younger children you must be prepared to communicate on their level. Act with enthusiasm when you are playing games, show that you are interested in the things you are doing with the kids. When planning games and activities make sure that they are appropriate for the age of the kids you are dealing with. And most important always show enthusiasm. To be a good leader you must be a good decision maker, eg.

When you are faced with a problem child that will not listen or cooperate with you and the students in your class, then you must take some time and deal with the problem by, making a list of pros and cons of possible solutions in dealing with the problem. Be patient and give the kids a chance, because it might just be a temporary thing. You want to remember though not to exclude or manipulate any one in the class. You must always remember about everyone’s feelings and be considerate to all. And in return you will receive respect, which is most important in getting things done. Right from the first day you have to show initiative, you must be strict and let them know who’s in charge, other wise you will not get the respect and cooperation that is wished for to make the task easier.

They will also cause problems and forget who’s in charge. Show confidence, it is really important that you go out there being prepared and being comfortable with what you are going to do, this way the kids will pay more attention to you. As for if you were shy and scared the kids would sense how you weren’t sure on how to approach the leadership skills that is required. You also want to remember to be fun, and understanding so the kids can enjoy the class and want to continue on and follow instructions.

One of the most important things is to be encouraging, their self confidence is extremely important. You want to show that you are concerned about them by listening to what they have to say, be friendly towards them and helpful when they are in need. Try to always stay involved in the class, be in the water with the kids, and do demonstrations whenever possible. Try not to get distracted with the things that are going on all around you, the kids are your number one priority. The next step in being a good leader is to have good safety skills. Be aware of all the danger areas around you, the pool, and the kids you are responsible for.

Teach the kids what’s dangerous so they are aware of the hazard areas. Safety is an important aspect of teaching. It is something you must be conscious of at all times. Remember to always have an aid with you incase of an emergency and to show the kids that you are alert and looking out for them, especially if your teaching really young kids that are just learning how to swim and don’t have a lot of self confidence.

Last but not least, it is equally important, to be organized. Being organized is extremely critical in being successful. You must plan before your class in what you are going to do each day, what you are going to accomplish and have the kids preform.

Plan what equipment and props you will need in completing your lesson. This helps everything flow nicely and it also shows the kids that you are organized and you have put some time in to planning what will be done each day. These are some of the main keys in being a good leader. If you keep all this in mind while teaching a lesson every


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