LEADERSHIP is that as for Jesus they were

LEADERSHIP POWER AND AUTHORITYDiscuss the inherent human nature of obedience to leadership power and authority.”Obedience is when a person yields to instructions or orders from a person in authority, in leadership and has power.

“( )Culture and human nature is such that everybody is bound to respect authority. God in his wisdom created an obedient human being (Adam) and thus it became an inherent human nature. When Satan tempted Adam, he obeyed because of the inherent nature. In most cases people are obedient to leadership, power and authority because of rewards; fear of being harmed or sacked or being isolated by the community. b Compare and contrast Christ’s obedience command in Mark 1:17 with Milgram’s obedience experimentThe disciples obeyed and followed Jesus because of fear of God which was there culture..

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Both Milgram experiment and Jesus command show that humans are obedient to someone with power. Jesus had performed a miracle and they saw power in him. The difference is that as for Jesus they were supposed to follow the command with no divided loyalties. Emotional allegiance was to God alone whereas in Milgram obedience experiment, there was just a desire to please authority with no emotions attached but for simple survival purposes and for fear of being isolated and marked. c How would you read and interpret Matthew 5:38-41 in light of today’s leadership trends? Leadership trends in today’s society where retaliation has become like normal requires Jesus extraordinary teaching. Civil wars in many countries are a result of retaliation. The law of retaliation was quoted by Jesus as the foundation for justice for leaders today.

Even in the penal codes today, if someone kills intentionally, he/she is sentenced to death. However Jesus went further and advocated for forgiveness and mercy. d How does the above apply to you as a leader and as a follower? May my obedience to God shine before others that they may see my good leadership traits so that they follow me willingly. Let the law and works of showing compassion, mercy, delivering justice and peacemaking be my guide as a leader and as a follower of God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


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