Leadership In my leadership model, I will explore

Leadership is an important aspect of every organization. Leadership is a form of individual ideas and thoughts which are put together to plan, organize, manage and make other to participate (Northouse 2012).Leadership vary from a leader to another. Various studies have been done on the leadership styles.

Ethical leadership, situational leadership, transformational leadership are few leadership styles that made leadership effective. This essay presents the leadership model developed by me being based on various leadership concepts that justifies my leadership style. A leader must have various characteristics including emotional stability, strong personality, command and self-confidence. After reflecting on the experiences and knowledge learnt from my personal life and workplace, I have analysed myself as a leader.

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I believe I possess the qualities of an ethical leader, situational leader and transformational leader. In my leadership model, I will explore if my assessment will support or reject the characteristics listed.                     my score interpretation of the score 1.        35 I have the average level of developing trust. 2.        40 I am an emotional person.

However, I do not let my emotions hamper the                     correct decision. 3.        45 I am task oriented. 4.        42   I change according to the situation; meaning I am flexible. 5.

        24 I should improve my decision-making ability and check on my ego level. 6.        27 I show average interest in directing and coaching other staff or members. 7.        22 I must be more concerned regarding ethical issues. 8.        25 I have an average confidence level and must work on improving it.    Personal leadership model  Trust Leaders require gaining the trust of the team to transform the individual view as a joint vision of the team (Braun, Peus, Weisweiler and Frey 2013).

I have always worked on developing trust. I try to understand the feelings and view of my team members and then present my perspective in a way that the team find easier to trust.Being able to gain trust will help to make a decision and make the team members job satisfaction. ‘Trust is a mediator between team perceptions of supervisors’ transactional leadership and team performance’ (Schaubroeck, Hannah, Avolio Kozlowski, Lord, Trevino and Peng 2012).

  Communication skills Communication is required to understand the thoughts and idea. In my model of leadership, two-way communication is given priority. Overtime, I have been verbally involving and seeking others opinion to boost new ideas being firm and not rigid (Northouse 2013).

Various mode and methods of communications must be followed as per the requirement. Better communication skills can lead the organization to function better and reduce conflicts in a team.  Make a stand I have always stood for what I think I correct. Even if it is a difficult situation; a stable stand for what is correct is important. This will display the moral character required to be a leader.

Team members can be facing problems, wasting time considering various useless options. At this moment, standing out with the correct suggestion will help to lead the team ahead. Even if it takes alot of courage to express what I think is correct; it will eventually bring respect.  Flexibility I am well aware of the importance of flexibility. I guide the team as per necessity.

For example; newer team member need help on decision making and solving problems whereas other team members may not need the guidance. I believe individuals develop and understand their roles in a team and do not need handholding. Adapting and being flexible in a team will help motivate and engage team members to result in an effective team.  Participating I embrace all the challenges that occur in a team.

I participate along with the team that helps to have better vision and performance quality. This characteristic will help me in having a better understanding of the staff and problems. Although the followers may be influenced by me; they have also influenced me in the workplace. Also, my effort of better outcome is seen which will encourage other team members.

For instance; expectancy theory also focus on the amount of effort shown towars a job to obtain the maximum outcome (Quinn, Clair, Faerman & Tho 2015)   Good judgment I have the ability to see what is good and correct for the team. in other words, I can understand what I want in future depending on what I have today. As a strategic thinker, I make a good judgement. Due to vast amout of environmental factors, making a godd decision can be problematic.

For a good judgement leader should focus on guiding the team members to pursue both collective interest and individual interest. I need to focus on justice and equality, team effort and atruism.   Interpersonal skill I know how to accept the views of team members and adapt to the demand. I am an active listener and provide feedback accordingly. I understand that interpersonal skills play a fundamental role to obtain the good result. I have the negotiating skills and problem solving skills required for a leader.

However, I have not mastered these skills and should work on improving these skills. Summary of personal model Considering myself as a cafe manager, I have a responsibility of training the staff, enforcing the standards and ensure the high level of customer satisfaction. The components that I included in my leadership model are trust, communication skills, making a stand, flexibility, participation, good judgement and interpersonal skills. All the factors that I choose help me to give my best performance as a cafe manager. I can manage the staff as well as provide outstanding consumer satisfaction. Barriers and opportunities My model of leadership has many advantages and few disadvantages too. This model will help me develop a better working environment and lead me to achieve my career goal. Also; in my student life; applying this model will help me work in a group or a team.

I can explore my views and be flexible with my point of view. However, it is challenging to implement all the characters as the team is composed of many people having their own perspective. Moreover, making a stand in my opinion may make others view less important causing lack of trust and understanding. Therefore; the application of this model of leadership should be done depending on the situation. Conclusion My personal leadership model is based on the traits that I consider important to be a successful leader. I have analyzed my strength and weakness in various factors and have realized that I need to improve my decision-making skills. I have learnt that to be a good leader I need to have outstanding communication skills and should have flexibility.


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