Leadership leadership training and development programs can be

Leadership should be understood considering both good and badleadership. It would be irrelevant if we focused on learning leadership based ononly good leadership or leaders and disregard bad leadership and leaders. In thearticle the author has encourages the readers to understand and consider leadershipas not only good but bad too. Bad leaders are also leaders and hence theyshould also be well thought-out while learning leadership as a term and at the sametime accepted. Leadership is somehow not related to oppression.

It is explainedin the case that leaders who force people to follow them are usually consideredas bad.  Leadership on followers can be impactful when leaders with certain visions,motives and purposes gather resources as to provoke, engage and satisfy the expectationsof the followers. If we pretend that there is no elephant and bad leadership isnot related to good leadership at all, if we act as if to know one withoutknowing another will end up distorting the enterprise. We cannot distanceourselves with the best example of the history, Hitler by calling him withanother name “power wielder.” Not only his impact on 20th centurygreater than anyone else but also he was brilliantly skilled at inspiring,motivating and directing his followers. Limiting leadership to be good presentsthree major problems are mentioned in the case; it is confusing, misleading andit does a disservice.  Leadership is an important term tounderstand, not only for the person aspiring to be a leader but also if onewants to be a follower.

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A follower should be well aware of the leader he isfollowing. Or maybe the person you’re leading is yourself. The value of beingaware of you and your emotions and motivations is probably obvious.  One of the best approaches to increase theattention to the inspirations and how to act upon them is creating andpracticing leadership.

Initiative is the answer to inspirational leadership, sinceorganizations consider personality of the leaders.To maximize productivity and have a positive culture and harmony in theorganization leadership training and development programs can be introduced. Inorder to achieve this, a suitable leadership style should be used to lead individualsand teams. Understanding leadership as a term is critical because unless peopleare aware about leadership as a whole and about who leaders are and what qualitiesthey possess they won’t be able to follow any and this world need people to steera right path for themselves and the followers to have a positive impact on the societyand the people.

Everyone needs a leader. 


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