laziness “Laziness travels so slowly that poverty soon

laziness means when you are unwiling to work or having no intention tospend one’s energy seems to have a negative impact in multiple areas. It killsour life slowly slowly. Our careers begins with a passion,we all setup a goalin life and for achieving that goal we work hard day and night but sometimesswe lose ourselves in this race,we tend to lose our energy and we stop workingwith positivity and passion. Here laziness begins. A famous philosipherBenjamin Franklin once said “Laziness travels so slowly that poverty soonovertakes him”.Imagine a person who delays all his work and do nothing on time and stillhis boss and colleagues adores him. Is that poosible? “No”.

                                                              Gradually people will lose interest in him,no matter how geniuos he wasbefore.           An author Robert Halfonce said, “Laziness is a secret ingredient that goes into failure. Butit’s only kept a secret from the person who fails”.                                               Mostly people prefer being in the company of energetic people becausethey give such a positive vibe which is essential for our mental health andalso gives us a positive jump.The power of idleness can destroy our personal and professional life. lazypeople often feel Hesitant because they know that they didn’t put enough energyto do better.

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Hesitataion basically means having Doubts. These doubts can be onyour work or maybe on your own self. when you don’t put enough effort to workharder than you will always feel hesitate to face the world of differentpeople. They are never confident about themselves.Hesitation is an enemy,it is said to be “a moment of hesitation maycause you a life time regret”. The Hesitant person closes the doors ofopportunities.

you’d see talkers doing well in life. They are the boss’sfavorites, popular managers, lively presenters and fast risers. Society placesa high premium on the ability to talk.

Not being comfortable talking to othersseriously limits all that you can achieve.he can’t connect and network withother people effectivly and thats how he loses the opportunities.That’s why we say laziness and hesitaion are dangerous to us. we shouldkeep ourselves  active and confident tohave a successful professional life.


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