Lazada the design goods and services, the operation

Lazada Operation management involves the 10 operation management decision towards for the goals required. In operations management, these 10 operation management decision flourish the various activities that contribute to company success. The 10 operation management systems are each affects the operational concerns to maximize the productivity and also the overall efficiency of the corporation.The decision for the design goods and services, the operation manager need to strategize and focused on how to maintain the product or the goods is the same as the customers demanded.

According Henzer (2004), it stated that during the stage of design goods and services, the factors of cost, human resource and quality need to be made. Operation managers must decide involvement either the product are tangible or not because there is different between product and services feature. Lazada product design involves a lot of teams and retailer because some ot the product are come itself from another retailer.

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Although Lazada accept the product from the individual, company and also international retailer but Lazada also make a requirement any new product need to first get approval from the Lazada teams.Customers nowadays have and setting their own high quality standards for some product they will receive so it will indecisive for the operation management in quality to be clear and strict about it. The quality management must set a standard, operating procedure and quality to meet the customer’s high expectation. Lazada had stated the guidelines to pass quality check also attract potential customer to buy the product such as the brand name is mandatory. The brand the product must have the name is not in Lazada database.

For the explanation more about the product use bullet points to highlight of its key feature of product. Some of the product especially electronic appliance must indicate warranty information if applicable. After that, use precise brand name, product name, colour, and freebie or bundle if can go for it and also include product dimension. The product must have or include a minimum of 3 to 8 clear images with 360 degrees view of the product.


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