Law the complexity of law and its

Law stimulates thought, effects change and makes a difference to people. i am fascinated by processes that take place in the courtroom and to further my understanding of these i have completed two months work experience working in and around the legal system with Bond Adams solicitors, a law firm specialising in immigration. My work evolved from basic administrative duties such as filing, faxing and answering telephone calls into accompanying solicitors to court and liaising with barristers on behalf of the firm. The opportunity to work alongside people who have dedicated their lives to the law has strengthened my decision to study this challenging discipline.I want to continue to understand the role of law within various different environments and cultures as this will make me aware of the context, methods and impacts of my work.

I believe I can learn these skills through my degree. I have always maintained an independent, self-motivated approach to my academic studies. Having studied a broad range of A-level subjects I feel i have acquired a strong selection of skills that will make me a desirable law student: from English literature and language along with Polish as an extra A-level, i have understood the importance of expressing myself clearly and concisely through words; from psychology i have been able to examine topics such as social influence and attachment further explaining thought processes and reasons as to why people conform or resist conformity; whilst from  studying Ethics and Philosophy I have learnt the art of questioning the world around us and developing a keen sense of intellectual curiosity. Ethical issues are always brought to the forefront on topics such as animal testing, gay rights and abortion. i find these debates intriguing and the complexity of law and its readiness to change in accordance to society continues to astound me. I feel strongly enough about these topics that in October 2016 i have decided to part take in the Black Monday strike which took place in Poland and its biggest cities. Women all over the country marched through the streets wearing black as a sign of mourning for their reproductive rights. women who oppose the ban are staying away from work and school and refusing to do domestic chores, in a protest inspired by a women’s strike in Iceland in 1975.

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I continue to build upon my interest by keenly reading “On the Case” which is an app that contains 300,000 cases and 3,500 definitions of legal terms and phrases. I find that by engaging with real life cases it provides a firm grounding in the essential principles of the British legal system and highlights its apparent weaknesses. Due to health issues that left me stuck both mentally and physically I was forced to take a break from my studies.

However this has not affected my determination and resilience in reaching my potential, which is why I have decided to both gain experience and re-sit two of my A-levels during my gap year. My gap year has changed my perception of the world giving me greater maturity. Over the next months I have planned to return to two firms which I have previously worked with, one of which, Duff is located in the centre of New York, giving me the opportunity to gain more useful social and cultural experiences alongside working with top lawyers and financial advisers in New York. 


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