Law these colones. Thus the system of law

Law and system of implementation of law grew with the growth of civilisation. The Greeks had developed their own laws. The Romans, who admired the Greeks, incorporated some aspects of Greek law into their first law code, ‘The Ten Tables’.

The Ten Tables became the basis of Roman law and, with the expansion of the Roman Empire, aspects of Roman law spread to the provinces of the Empire that included Europe, parts of Africa and West Asia. Under Emperor Justinian, the Roman law was again codified. Code of Justinian was part of medieval legal studies in most western universities. When Rome fell and new states emerged in their places, Roman influence and Roman law could not be dispensed with. When these European nations grew strong and established their colones in Africa, Asia and America, their systemof administration (that included their legal system) spread to these colones. Thus the system of law that grew in Asia and Africa had the influence of European law that itself was influenced by Roman and Greek laws.

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Hence it is said that the Romans are the law givers of the world. Greece also comes into the picture as early Roman law was very much influenced by Greek laws.


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