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Last week on Thursday 18th of January 2018, I watched a film called Okja, in my opinion it is a drama/science-fiction, it is not something fancy with many creatures and superheroes but movie that relates to the current situation in the world, where pigs are genetically modified to make their body big and fat to support the hungry people on earth.

Okja film was directed by Bong Joon-ho, released in June 28 2017 and the main characters were Okja which is the mutant pig, Mija who is the little girl that owns Okja, Lucy Miranda who is the CEO of Miranda Coorperation and the Animal liberation Front(AFL) is an organisation that helps animals. 

The movie started out with Miranda who is the CEO of the coorporation, she is announcing about a project that she had been doing saying that “the worlds population is around seven billion people, around eight hundred million people struggle from hunger everyday, including thirty million suffers in the United States alone”. She had been breeding a super pig special from any others in the world, now twenty six are produced and were sent to many local farmers around the world. In ten years time, which farmer will raise the biggest super pig and will win the competition. Ten years later, Mija lives with her grandfather and Okra in the countryside of South Korea. They lived happily in the mountains a. Later Dr Jonny and the miranda cooperation came and announced that Okra is the biggest special pig and was compared to a medium-sized elephant. They took Okja away without Mija not knowing anything because her grandfather distract her and told to visit her parent grave. After returning from the grave, she noticed that Okra is gone and later knew the truth that her grandfather gave her a gold pig item instead of buying Okra. she followed Okra to Seoul, ran to Miranda office seeing Okra being load in the container of the truck. She followed the truck and met with Okra again due to the help of the AFL. AFL introduced themselves that they are an organisation which help animals, they told everything about Miranda that is they treat the animals badly, they wanted mica consent because they will be sending Okja in to the Laboratory to their behaviours on animal abuse. Mija wanted to go back to home but K mistranslate saying that she agreed to do the mission.    Mija and Okja escaping video because viral on social media, meanwhile Miranda sent someone to take Mija to New york to reunite with Okja. But the event ended badly due to the AFL exposing her business is illegal, Okja was Captured to the slaughter house. Mija and AFL when to rescue Okja, Mija made a deal to exchange the golden pig with Okja, Nancy who is the twin of Miranda accepted saying “Its go doing business with you”. They all left the slaughter house with a piglet that escaped from the ranch. Later Mija, Okja and the little piglet when back to their home and lived happily.

I like this movie because this movie reflects real life situations, I noticed that big multinational companies do it because of money, they don’t care about people’s health and feeling about genetically modified animals, they said that their product is eco-friendly, non-GMO but in reality it is not like that. People from the countryside have a kind and warm heart like Mija, they know the value of family, she choose family over a gold pig item which worth a lot of money, she could have bought many things with that. The characters I like the most is Okja because Okja is brave, big and love family.

Okra is a well made drama/science-fiction movie, her love and desire to save Okja really paid off, in the end they live together in the mountains and have a happy life. It is good to see Asian and American actors corporate together. I recommend this movie to teenager and older because there are many violent scenes and animal abuse scenes in the movie.


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