LANGUAGE of the individual, proper use of leisure,

LANGUAGE AND EDUCATIONEducation is considered themost powerful tool in bringing unison in culture. It not only preserves,transmits and develops the culture but also brings together the people ofdifferent cultures. The relation between education and culture is inseparable.Education of various elements of culture can help man in the adaptation to thenatural and social environment, development of individual’s personality,socialization of the individual, proper use of leisure, and understanding othercultures and proper meaning of liberality.

The internationalisation ofeducation has also played a significant role in bringing distinct culturestogether. The memorandum of understanding on cultural exchange programmesmutually signed among different nations is one step towards theinternationalisation of education. Students from one country visit anothercountry in the quest of higher education and share culture, language, food,cinema and art amongst each other.The role of a language is alsoof paramount importance as far as cultural homogenisation in concerned. Forexample, English language ispredominantly used as the global mode of communication that has a greater influenceon the world culture characterized by a form of modernized ‘e-language’throughout the diffusion of culture sharing.

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Its helps one to identify thedifferent cultures that exists worldwide and also to view one’s own within thecultural background. English language is not owned by Britain and America only:now it belongs to everyone and can undoubtedly be reckoned as global mode ofcommunication. Moreover, it can be argued that all the practices and culturesof other languages are either confined to a small region or vanish or of nousage any longer. English language has led to a formation of a new form ofculture and language with authenticity. Moreover, the web-based Englishlanguage is intensifying the process of communication and in sharing world-widecultures across various communities. Consciously or unconsciously,the learning of English language as an international language has broughtforeign culture and way of living to most countries in the East and to otherparts of the world in general.INTERNATIONAL TRADEInternational trade to a greatextent is also responsible for unification of culture globally.

Public sectoror private sector organisations of one country establish their units in severalother countries and thus become multinational organisations. Transnational flowsof goods by multinational giants have recently been increasing in a drastic wayand have profoundly transformed the world not only in terms of globalizationbut also in terms of cultural sharing 11.With the industrial revolutions, societies began to have access to machineswhich allowed them to create cultural products and export them across borders –a major step in the unification of culture. International trade can be thoughtof as the process by which cultures influence one another and become more alike.Its only through international trade that distinct types of food and clothinghave gained global appeal; popular clothing brands such as Nike and Adidasgained global attention, along with popular food brands such as Pepsi and CocaCola 12. While the growth of tradein cultural products and its increasing importance to the global economy is afact, there has been a widespread agreement that the impact on society of freetrade in cultural expressions is positive.



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