Language measured our language arts and reading

Languageis something people pick up as a baby. Learning a language as a baby happensautomatically. Babies pick up a language by interactions or their surroundings.

Babies make different sounds and put them together to make words. Learning alanguage helps people communicate effectively throughout life. Language doesnot come naturally for some. Some people may have to work harder than others tosucceed at learning a language. There are different programs that will helpimprove people’s language skills. When people tend to not read or write wellthey become discouraged and perform poorly in school.

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Having strong languageskills will help people learn to read and write. From elementary, high school,and college, reading and writing is offered to enhance student’s languageskills.            I remember when my dad used to take me and my brother tolibrary on Green Road. As soon as we’d step foot in the library, we’d runstraight to the children’s section.

We’d spend hours in the library. I’d justlook at the covers of the books. I could care less about them.

When my dad tookus to the library all I ever wanted to do was get on the computer and playgames. So, my dad would set us up appointments for the computers, and while wewaited, we would look at books. I would look for the books with the brightestand vivid covers. Around this time, I wasn’t too intrigued with books but, mydad always made us pick out one to take home. There were times when it came toreturn the books we had checked out and, I’d asked for more time like I was readingthe book.

In kindergarten and first grade I didn’t have much to worry about. Iremember in kindergarten and first grade teachers would give out handouts whereyou would have to trace the letters to learn to write them. Teachers would havestory time where we’d sit on the floor Indian style as they read us stories. However,in the fourth and fifth grade is when I started reading the most. We would havethese tests which measured our language arts and reading skills. I don’tremember doing poorly on them, so I guess I did alright.

I know I wasn’t an avidreader, but I could read and comprehend. I made it through elementary withoutbeing held back, despite my lack of reading.


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