Lack or where duplications in work are

Lack of communication- failure to communicate effectively within a team can have detrimental impacts on the productivity of the team.

Clear line of communication must be established. As a manger you must recognize when lines of communication are breaking down and put measure in place to sort the situation.Lack of goals- a team must have clear goals this can be team goals and individual goals.

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If this is disseminated effectively, or the responsibilities of the team are unbalanced and individual can not meet deadlines then the morale of the team can be lowered leading to demobilization within team. Managers must be aware of this and have clear roles and responsibilities laid out. This can be address in supervision to ensure that staff levels of stress are not at an unacceptable level. Group dynamics like staff that have high ego or where duplications in work are present can have an impact on morale.

This will need to be closely monitored to ensure that it is not having a negative impact on the team. Where it is this may be addressed in supervision and honest feedback offered to staff members.


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