Lab how to montor and track problem

Lab Report 2: Career ExplorationDue Date: By 11:59 p.m. the day of your labSubmission Method: Dropbox (“Lab 2 – Career Exploration” folder)Submitted by: Gulshanpreet kaur PannuStudent ID: 10195786Section: 03Date submitted: 01/23/2018Instructor submitted to: Robert French or Darren GethondRubricReport Format (content is well organized by section) /2Content (relevant ideas are presented and cited accurately) /6References (cited research sources are listed in APA format) /2Cover Page (content is missing, inaccurate, or incomplete) /-1Total /10COMP 552Introduction to CybersecurityPage 2 of 4Introduction:The purpose of this activity is to explore careers in computer security in Canada to betterunderstand the educational requirements and income potential for jobs in this dynamic field.

Activities:Research online career sites in Canada (e.g.,,, indeed.

ca,, etc.) for computer security positions. What training and certifications areemployers asking for? What income can you earn in these positions? Summarize your findingsin your own words using the table below. Complete at least three entries.Wireless Technology and Computer Security Positions in CanadaEmployer(include hyperlink to jobposting)Job Title Job Description(in your own words)StartingSalary ($)Educational Requirements Years ofExperienceNeededCompanyConfidentialInformationsecurity AnalystCandidate shouldhave deepknowledge aboutsecurity system, howto montor and trackproblem ,provideproper report ofmontoring andtracking solution tocompliance managerof a company$66,623 peryearUniversity degree inEngineering andComputer ScienceSomeexperienceneededCanadian NuclearLaboratoriesMaterialsresearch scientistCandidate mustknow how toresearch goodmaterial ,must havepractice to makemodels of damagematerial, must haveknowledge how toprepare technicalreports and peopleviews.69,800.00 -105,700.00 $/yearMust done PhD inPhysical science andengineering from auniversity of recognizedstanding7 YearsWebsdepottechnologyPartners Inc.Helpdesk AnalystITsupportCandidate should beconfident to acceptchallenges , must35,000.00 -45,000.College diploma Experienced(Non-COMP 552Introduction to CybersecurityPage 3 of 4have excellentcommunication skillsand must have allknowledge about ITtechnologies and itsprinciples, mustknow how to solvetroubleshootproblem on internet


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