Kruti and generated report after analyzing information

Kruti Patel44 Woodlot Crescent, Etobicoke, ON M9WPhone: (514) 978-1525, Email: [email protected] 19, 2017 Canadian Tire Corporation,Brampton, CA. Dear Hiring Manager,I am overtly excited to apply for the position ofBusiness analyst intern at Canadian Tire Corporation. I am currently a globalbusiness management student at Humber College and I learned about this jobthrough LinkedIn. Canadian Tire Corporation has a great reputation in tireindustry and are known for reliability and longevity of their products. Ibelieve that as a business analyst intern at your company, I will bringadvanced knowledge and past experience as an analyst at SE Electricals Ltd. Although I do not have extensive experience as abusiness analyst, I do have similar kind of experience as an intern at SEElectricals Ltd.

In this company, I worked on a project of “Reducing theIncrease in Core Losses after Core Assembly”. During my internship, I collecteddata from the production and generated report after analyzing informationthrough software like MINITAB and SPSS (StatisticalPackage for the Social Sciences) to achieve desired goal. By applying SIPOC, Process Capability, FMEA(Failure Mode Effects Analysis) and some other statistical tools, I could help toimprove profitability of the company.

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I have successfully completed group project on “Implementationof 5s” and “Waste Reduction through 7 QC Tools” during 1st semesterof Master of Science in Quality and Productivity Management. During these groupproject, we assigned specific tasks to each group member to efficiently finishthe project on time. We consistently communicated with each other to ensurethat our project gets done on time. We extensively used Microsoft office forthis project to collect data and analyze our results. We presented results ofour project in front of our class and helped them understand usefulness of 5Sand 7 QC Tools.It is my firm belief that, with my knowledge and pastexperience as an intern, I can help Canadian tire transportation and supplychain facility to efficiently run its delivery network. I am eager to apply allmy acquired skills to achieve company’s prime goals.

I am grateful for theopportunity with an excellent company and am very excited to hear back yourresponse.Thank you.Sincerely,Kruti Patel.Kruti Patel44 Woodlot Crescent, Etobicoke, ON M9WPhone: (514) 978-1525, Email: krutipatel152@gmail.

comSUMMARY OF STRENGTHS:·        TeamOriented·        Self-driven with limited supervision·        Ableto Communicate proficiently·        Great at analyzing data ·        Ableto finish projects in allotted time·        Efficientin Relationship building skillEDUCATION:·        HumberBusiness School, Toronto, Ontario                                       (2017- Pursuing)PostGraduate Diploma in Global Business Management ·        SardarPatel University, Gujarat, India                                              (2013-2015)Masterof Science in Quality and Productivity Management ·        TheMaharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat, India           (2010-2013)Bachelorof Commerce EXPERIENCE:·        Internin SE Electricals Ltd., Vadodara, India o  SixSigma Project on “Reducing the Increase in Core Losses after Core Assembly”·        ClubCoffee, Etobicoke, ON, Torontoo  Position-Quality CheckerCERTIFICATES:·        LeanSix Sigma Black Belt·        QMSAuditor/Lead Auditor- ISO 9001:2008·        ISO14001:2004·        OHSAS18001:2007PROJECTSUNDERTAKEN:·        7QC Tools – A project on “Waste Reduction Through 7 QC Tools” in NavarangPlastic, 2014 (II Semester)·        5S – A project on “Implementation of 5S” in Nodule Cast, 2013 ( I Semester) AWARDS ANDACHIEVEMENTS:·        2013-First Position in 1st Semester in M.Sc. QPM VOLUNTEERING:·        EtobicokeLakeshore Culture Days (2017)·        AnnualConvention & Competition on “LEAN SIX SIGMA” (2013)


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