Knowledge towards managing their knowledge so as

Knowledgesharing plays a very vital role in creating awareness amongst the people in anorganization. As noted by Huysman and Wulf (2006) that individuals or people inthe organization they do not necessarily share their knowledge under allcircumstances and they may not willing to share the knowledge as much as theorganization will be expected from them.

Levinand Cross (2004) Knowledge has become increasingly important assets in manyorganizations nowadays. The concept of sharing knowledge is considered to be acrucial process in developing competitive advantage and superior performance.Knowledge sharing provides several important advantages to both employees andorganizations such as theability to formulate strategies; good decision making and high-performancelevel to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of public services will beremained competitive in the respective industry.Otherthan that, Thomas, Davenport and Lawrence (2005) describe that the knowledge isfor a practical purpose that is related to the concepts such as wisdom andinsight into knowledge. It is also related to the things such as for resolveand action which is a point to the need to do something with the knowledge. Besides,Kogut & Zander, 1992; Grant, (1996) It is evident that through theeffective creation and transfer of knowledge, an organisation would be able togain competitive advantage and superior performance. Thus, modern organisationsare striving towards managing their knowledge so as to enable it to be sharedfrom within the organisation. This is due to the fact that knowledge is nowregarded as an asset capable of giving many untold benefits that make adifference between successful and less successful organisation.

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Apart from that, knowledgesharing is one of the key processes in knowledge management as it transformsknowledge into a valuable organizational asset. Knowledge sharing is believedto be one of the most important processes for knowledge management Bock andKim, 2002; Lathi and Beyerlein, (2000).Work in teams an oftenneed to depend on each other when dealing with different responsibilitiesregarding the same patient. Even though they work independently to some extent,the employees are required to communicate and share knowledge with each otherwhen working together in many patient cases. This calls for an effectiveknowledge sharing, which is the process where people transfer and create newknowledge together Riviera- Vazquez et al.

(2009).Effectiveknowledge management strategies must emphasize the role of knowledge sharing toachieve maximum results for organizations. Knowledge sharing is considered asthe most important process in knowledge management and it seems necessary forthe organization to do research on this.Finally, knowledge is animportant intangible asset to an organisation. People in the organizationplayed a vital role to share their knowledge so that people will aware ofknowledge sharing. The factors that lead to the knowledge sharing behaviourhave a good impact on the success of the organization, especially in the longterm.


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