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K’na, the Dreamweaver was directed by Ida Anita Del Mundo. The film was filmed in South Cotabato. The movie is all about k’na the daughter of the chieftain of the southern tribe. K’na is the princess of the Tiboli. K’na is in love with a guy named Silaw, he makes the finest fibers for the Dreamweaver of the southern tribe. Dreamweaver makes patterns for their fabrics. Tiboli is a group of indigenous people of the philippines in Cotabato.

The film was made in Cotabato.The areas are big but they did not use up all the places, almost all of the scenes have always the same place. The sound of the video is clear but the viewers cant understand what they are saying only the people that know the language of Tiboli understands it. They could use a more common language than Tiboli. The acting of the actors is like typical Filipino dramas. It is super obvious when K’na fell in loved with Silaw when they first met, the father of K’na’s the chieftain is also bad at acting when her wife died he just stand outside the house and did not approach her wife.

The flow of the story is good. They made a good plot. The film aims to give information about arrange marriage and true love. K’na is in loved with Silaw, but his father had an agreement to the northern chieftain, if that K’na gets married with the northern chieftain’s son the southern tribe and the northern will be peaceful, the northern tribe will not treat the southern tribe anymore, the northern tribes always threatened by the south. The southern tribe was created by the northern tribe, the northern tribe that who created the southern tribe was a group of people that do not want to stay into the north, that does not agrees to arrange marriage. Arrange marriage means that the man and woman are forced to be married, even if one of them doesn’t want to marry their partner, they still needed to get married. True love is when the couple loves each other. 

For me if I will rate this movie I will give 7/10 because of the language of the movie, it became boring because of the language even it has subtitles, when I was watching the movie I cant watch the movie clearly because I am reading the subtitles, If I know the language of the movie it will be more interesting. Some parts of the are good when Silaw is courting K’na every morning K’na has a fiber near her sleeping area. The parts that i did not like is when k’na had an arrange marriage to the northern chieftains son. This film showed the traditional traits of a Tiboli and the culture of Tiboli like How they dance and how chieftains daughter gets married. The most cool thing that i realized in this film is that they never used an electricity in the film


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