kiswa A word with the same origins as

kiswa The black drape that covers the Ka’bah.

kitaab, kitab ‘The book’, usually the Qur’an, but also the books of other religions.

Koran Alternative spelling of Qur’an.

Koreish, Quraish, Quraysh, Quresh, Qurish, Qurrish, Qureshi, Coreish The name of the dominant tribe in and around Mecca at the time of the ascent of the Prophet Muhammad. They opposed Muhammad’s teachings and went to war with his Muslim army on several occasions. The Battle of Badr is considered a turning point in Islamic history when Muhammad’s Muslim forces prevailed. The tribe exists to this day in the Arabian Peninsula.

kufr Disbelief. A word with the same origins as kaafir, an unbeliever. It can also be interpreted as ingratitude, as it suggests a refusal to accept the revelations which have been made freely available to all people. What constitutes kufr is not absolutely clear and is open to interpretation. For example, some Muslims will see Christian belief as kufr whereas others will see it as naivety and accept that Christians do have a degree of faith; others will see all non-Muslims as kufr; and indeed some will see members of the other branches and sects of Islam as kufr.

kutb A spiritual master in Sufism.

kuttab     In Islamic education, a kuttab is a primary or pre-primary school. Originally attached to a mosque, the school’s job is to teach children (and newly converted Muslims) to be true believers of Islam. The day starts with morning recitations from the Qur’an which are designed to help the children to memorise key passages. Afternoons are spent learning to write and studying prayers and rituals and Arabic, essential in non-Arabic speaking regions as Arabic is the language of the Qur’an. Nowadays the kuttab is largely confined to rural areas and jurisdictions with strongly theocratic leadership, as most schools in the towns and cities of modern societies teach Islam alongside other academic subjects as seen throughout the rest of the world, such as mathematics.

kutub, kutb, qutb, qutub A spiritual master in Sufism.


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