king Edward claims to be the king of

king Edward claims to be the king of Scotland and issues Prima Nochte, which gives any English the first night with a new bride.William Wallace, after the death of many loved ones, takes Revenge on King Edward the Longshanks and fights for Scotland’s freedom.After winning his first battle, William Wallace is the Hero of the story and continues to fight the English. He loses his second major battle because of the Elders in Scotland betraying him. Along with the elders, Robert the Bruce also betrays him. He becomes hunted by the English and is captured after taking his revenge on all the Elders of the land.After being captured by the English, He is executed.

Robert the Bruce, having a change of Heart, attacks Edward the Longshanks and fights for Scotlands Freedom and beats the English.William Wallace was a true rebel against the English KingWilliam Wallace did win the battle at Stirling Bridge and he did lose at the battle of FalkirkWilliam Wallace also was captured, tried and killed as depicted in the movieWilliam Wallace’s father and brother didn’t die when he was a child, nor did he have an Uncle to come and wisk him away and have him be an educated, swordsmen that traveled the world. In reality Wallace would never have left, he was raised in Scotland and both of his Brothers along with his father, would have been fighting along his side.

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Fun Fact: Wallace’s brother was executed a year after his own.William Wallace would also not have  married a young lady named Murran. There is no account of Wallace ever being married.Then theres the matter of his “secret marrige” and the Prima NocteThere is no record of the a “Prima Nocte” ever being issued, so even if he did have a girlfriend/spouse/ mistress there would be no reason to marry her in secret.The Whole premise of the movie is that Wallace gets involved in the rebellion because his wife is killed by the English and he launches his revenge.That’s not true, the King required all landed men to sign the Ragman Roll and if you didn’t you were outlawed, Wallace didn’t sign it and therefore was already an enemy to the King.

Not to mention there’s no record of a spouse.In the movie, Wallace appears to be a poor farmer and nothing more than that.Its more likely that Wallace was a land commoner and that he would have had a decent education and in a more peaceful time would have been considered a scholar.At the least, since he was a Knight, He would have had a Warhorse, Surcoat and Armor.Wallace and Princess Isabella have this love affair when she comes to Scotland on the King’s behalf, Not True. Edward II wasn’t married to Isabella of France till 1308, 3 years after Wallace was executed.

The movie portrays Robert the Bruce to be an evil, backstabbing tyrant to Scotland. He is supposedly working with the King and is revealed dramatically when Wallace goes after the King, catches one of the Guards, rips his helmet off to reveal that it is the BruceYeah Right. There is absolutely no record or Hint that the Bruce actually betrayed his own country and his own people.In the movie, Wallace and King Edward I die most tragically by dying at the same time, the King died first, not getting the chance to see Wallace die.False. The King out lived Wallace, it wasn’t until the Bruce started his rebellion that King Edward I died.The Movie makes Wallaces forces seem rather mobbish and unorganized, when in reality they would have had been rather structured and Wallace would have used formations called Shiltrons, A schiltron was a ‘great circle’ – a battle formation with as many as 2000 men carrying massive 12-foot-long spears.

They formed huge circles or rectangles that bristled with spears like a giant lethal hedgehog.In the 5th Century, immigrants in Ireland, called Scots, moved North of the Caledonia Wall, which is now present day border between Scotland and England. Normans sack England in 1066, causing the Scots to take on English customs and the English way.

 Scottish clan chiefs become nobles and Scotland prospers.1290, Heiress to Scotland’s throne dies, King Edward Claims right and announces his own King, John de Baliol. King Edward comes to King Baliol in time of need to help defeat France, Baliol claims to have an alliance with France that has been established for 260. King Edward crosses the border in 1296 and takes Baliol prisoner and claims himself as King.

 Scots rise up, with William Wallace leading, defeat English forces in 1297 at Stirling Bridge but lose at Falkirk, which is the history for this film.The director chooses this time period because at this point in Scotland’s history, it is fighting against an Enemy that claims to be the rightful King of Scotland. Through Scotland’s trials with the English, out of the ashes rise a Hero that they entire country can come out and get behind, uniting the country and encouraging them to get their Freedom.

 Though Wallace the Hero is killed, he dies honorably and is replaced by the Bruce whom takes the rebellion to the next level and takes Scotland’s freedom from England.After Wallace’s defeat, capture and execution, the unbroken Scots find new hope in Robert the Bruce. Bruce leads the rebellion and the last fight for independence against Edward II was in 1314 at Bannockburn near Stirling Castle. 1338 Edward III recognizes Scotland’s independence.


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