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Kids who wear their PJs inside out, and throw spoons in the freezer sometimes don’t always know what they are getting themselves into.  In the book If I Stay  by Gayle Forman, a young adult fiction novel, a snow-day goes terribly wrong and leads to a situation no person nor family wants to go through.  The main character, Mia, was a major cellist that dated a boy named Adam with the same interests.  Adam is also a musically gifted artist who participates in a rock band.  Mia’s parents were both musically involved in their teen years, that’s where she inherited it. Lastly, is her little brother Teddy ho is more like a son to mMia than a brother. This book tells the story of the time a car accident ruined the lives of many.  Mia, the main character received the call early in the morning calling for a snow day due to the hazards of the incoming blizzard.  Mia’s mom decided to take the day off of work too so her and her family could take the day to go visit their family friends Willow and Henry.  After listening to classical music the first hour or so in the car Mia falls dead asleep, and wakes up to the terrible crash of her hcar.  They had gotten into a terrible accident where her parents had immediately died. in the accident.  Mia thought she was awake and okay until she saw herself and realized she was having an out of body experience.  Mia and Teddy were both alive going to the ambulance, but neither of them were conscious.  In the end, she was the last one left. Teddy didn’t make it through his surgery and that is why it was so hard for Mia to wake up.  Her out of body self watched everything go on in the hospital, and she felt the emptiness of having no family left;, waking up could be the worst possible thing to do, but so could letting go of everyone else she loves and cares for. “If I stay. If Ii live. It’s up to me” (pg 174). Mia’s out of body self hears the nurse spill out. Why would she stay?  So far in the story Mia had found out that both her parents were dead and that was devastating enough.  After anxiously waiting to see if her little brother Teddy had made it through his surgery, she found out that he didn’t make it neither. Living without her family seemed so impossible.  Besides Adam, nobody else knew her like they did.  Mia describes the flashbacks she keeps having pushing her closer and closer to letting go.  She flashed back to the time her and her father listened to one of his best CDs, which happened to be the same CD that made Mia fall in love with music.  She didn’t think that she would ever love music the same if she woke up without her father. SHe also flashes back to the her first funeral that she attended with her parents, when one of their close friends died.  Mia vividly remembers her mother saying how she wishes that her and her father die together, so neither of them have to grieve the loss of the other.  Mia realizes that that wish came true, but then thinks to how is she decides to wake up she won’t only be grieving the loss of both her parents, but she would have to face it alone with the loss of her brother too. With the rest of her flashbacks from her most cherished moments with her family, she sits with the reasons to let go.Reasons to stay.  Surprisingly, even with all her reasons to let go, Mia has just as many reasons to stay.  Throughout the book you notice the many flashbacks Mia has as each visitor comes by that make her realize everything she has to hold on to.  Her boyfriend was her best-friend and that is someone she never wishes to let go of.  She thinks back to their first date when Adam took her to her to see her favorite cellist, Yo Yo Ma perform. That night Mia realized she had found her soul-mate.  She watched her grandparents sit by her hospital bed with hope that she wouldn’t leave them too. They were old, and losing the rest of their family would make them suffer for their time left.  She felt so guilty considering letting go. Her grandma cried to her hopelessly, and the nurse reminded her “Don’t doubt for a second that she can’t hear you” (page 200). At that point she had whispered to Mia that it was okay for her to let go, and that she understands but Mia could hear the pain in her voice.  Mia’s last string was school.  Just before the accident Mia had accomplished her lifelong goal. She has accepted into Juilliard, the best school in the country to pursue her musical career.  Taking the opportunity to go to this school would make her so successful in life, but the question to be asked was does she want to be successful without the ones who built the base to her success. Now, she sits with the reasons to stay.After hearing looking at both sides, the best choice would be for Mia to wake up, and make her family proud by continuing to succeed. The story would be complete if the author said if she lived or died, but it also makes it interesting to see the different opinions on her decision.  “Deciding What’s Best”  is different in everyone’s opinion  but for mine it would have been to wake up.  An important message that is told in this story is that sometimes the hardest decision can be the best for you, as for Mia’s reasons to stay.  Another theme displayed is family relationships and how a family bond can affect lives.  If you were Mia, would you throw away everything you’ve ever worked toward to avoid the grief of your family’s death, or would you fight the pain and continue to succeed?


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