Kian in front of some sort of electronic

Kian ElahiPeriod 5English 23 January 2018Technology’s negativity Technology is causing a negative spiral of our society all the way down to the abyss.

 Technology has caused us to be addicted to technology almost controlling us. From an excess of technology diabetes has increased every year in children partially due to not exercising enough from constantly using technology as well as not eating healthy. Constantly in front of some sort of electronic device, our health and the future of our health is decreasing from these electronics. Technology is negatively changing the way people think, harming our health, and creating addiction problems. Technology and the way our society hasn’t fulfilled its expectations from our usage.

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In schools technology used from students and teachers have increased significantly. Even though students and teachers have had the availability to all the technology we have, it is not helping. When examining student’s achievement at a national level in Tennessee. Only 34% of 8th grade students that performed at or above in reading or mathematics. In an article titled, A case Study of Technology Choices by High School Students, they study the choices of the student’s technology. When given the choice of their choosing of electronic devices to complete a project based learning activity. Factors were analyzed of the technology choice as well as how technology proficiency scores with the tech choices.

During data Analysis, bad patterns and themes were shown. Both internal and external factors affected student technology choices was concluded. As well as being too reliant on technology. Especially in school and using only technology in research. On rare occasions do students go to the library and read to find more information as well as improving reading skills. Technology and the overuse of it is negatively impacting our minds in the way we think, are and interact with one another. Especially in those of the kids we have today. Children to adults way of thinking have been negatively affected from the overuse.

Studies show, that the average American spend around 20 hours a week online, using technology. The biggest increase has been through young adults, tripling from 2005 of 10 hours a week to 27 hours in 2016. Due to the excess amount of kids using internet and technology in general, they way they think have changed. For example, an article titled, The Four Negative Sides of Technology says, “While video games may condition the brain to pay attention to multiple stimuli, they can lead to distraction and decreased memory.” Not only this, but children that are always searching up answers on a search engine will be very good at finding information, but not very good at actually obtaining the information and really remembering it.

Not only is technology affecting the way our children think, but how we feel as well. A study by the University of Los Angeles on two groups of sixth graders found kids who had little to no exposure to electronic devices for five days were much better at picking up on the emotions in curtain photos shown to them than the kids using a device. The test group had more students aware of the subtle differences from the face to face interaction made. The minds of children from technology have also been altered in interpreting information and learning info in class.

Dr. Mark Bauerlein at Emory University makes his students turn off all electronic devices and must take notes by hand. He believes it is useful for the students’ mental intelligence and learning abilities. Bauerlein is one of the main critics on campus at Emory University about the overuse of technology.

Especially a critic for research and social networking. “The overuse of technology. It hampers the intellectual growth and emotional maturity of college students of traditional age.” Over 20 years at Emory Dr. Mark Bauerlein has a strong opinion against the overuse of technology. The overuse of technology is impacting our minds in a negative way. From our progress of technology it is causing less physical activity, giving unhealthy habits and giving less sleep for people. As I said about the time kids spend playing video games, watching tv, ect.

Too much time in front of some sort of electronic screen can create unhealthy eating habits that can stay with them into Adulthood. The snacking on junk foods, laziness not to exercise, just some of many bad habits. A study was made by harvard in 2012 and the amount of screen time increasing obesity risk. Studies that follow children over long periods of time have consistently found that the more TV children watch, the more likely they are to gain excess weight. Children who have TV sets in their bedrooms are also more likely to gain excess weight than children who don’t.” Children and young adults specifically are losing sleep constantly through school.

Kids use their phones before they go to sleep constantly, watching youtube videos, texting or even binge watching their favorite tv show. Kids stay up all the way to 2 am and minimum 10-11pm. An example could be my sister and I, we both use our electronics before we fall asleep and I have throughout the school year sometimes staying up till midnight to one o’clock on my phone watching youtube. I have woken up in the middle of the night when I do go to sleep earlier and found my sister, lights up, watching youtube, 2 am.

Not only my sister and I, but many other young adults are found tired everyday in the morning and the beginning of school. The technology and specifically electronic devices are causing unhealthy children, habits and less sleep. Overall technology is changing the way people think, harming our health, and creating addiction problems to technology. The usage of technology in school has increased, but isn’t necessarily helping students in school. Our society is overusing technology and spending most of their time on an electronic device which is taking up their life in the outside world.

Technology is creating an unhealthy future for us. Technology is negatively affecting our society and the future of our society.


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