Kennidy’s main goal of the marketing department

Kennidy’s Loving ArmsGeriatric Facility is a new facility integrated into the Emory HealthcareSystem that is doing very well. Research has shown that developing a new geriatricfacility would be beneficial to metro Atlanta. Opening a new geriatric facilitywill provided services for elderly patient 65 and older.

This will generate newopportunities for individuals 65 and older who do not have the resources tocare for themselves.  Kennidy’s Loving ArmsGeriatric Facility marketing department will be responsible for the campaignwith a set strategic plan and goals by identifying individuals that range fromas 65 and up, in the metro area, with a budget of $50, 000. The main goal ofthe marketing department is to establish Kennidy’s Loving Arms GeriatricFacility as the national leaders of geriatric facilities in the metro area. Themarketing department will guarantee to reach 40 % of the geriatric populationwithin one year of opening. The marketing department is looking forward toworking with you to reach a decision, regarding this opportunity. Thank you foryour time and consideration Sincerely, Kennidy’s Loving ArmsGeriatric Facility Marketing DepartmentKennidy’s Loving ArmsGeriatric FacilityIntroduction            The healthcareservice department main focus point is the geriatric facility. We areinterested in promoting this facility, because there are a number of geriatricpatients who have a hard time receiving the treatment that is needed.

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This maybe due to lack of funds, memory or transportation. We feel that if wemarket these particular demographics, a lot of lives will be impacted.             The values that Kennidy’s Loving Arms Geriatric Facilitywill add to the quality of service, to help improve the quality of life in ourelderly. Patients will have access to the best geriatric providers in the stateof Georgia. We also plan to partner with the community to help promote healthyliving initiative, like Alzheimer’s screening, blood pressure and diabetesscreening.

            The Kennidy’s Loving Arms Geriatric Facility mission,vision and values are the foundation of a solid strategic and marketing planthrough services and resources. The board of trustees are key to having asuccessful organization. The mission, vision and values statements should bereviewed by stakeholders and trustees for the development of the organizationsstrategic plan, taking into consideration the challenges and possibilities ofthe future.

            The mission statemen is a description used to define thecenter market, service excellence and diversity. Kennidy’s Loving ArmsGeriatric Facility’s mission statement is to provide exceptional healthcare,while being compassionate in caring for the elderly.  Our vision statement is to be recognized atthe national leaders in geriatric medicine by changing lives daily.   5 P’s of Healthcare            Kennidy’s Loving Arms Geriatric Facility’s promotionalstrategy will focus on 5 P’s. The first strategy is place- our facility willservice the metro Atlanta area. The second strategy is product- we will providediagnostic evaluations, advanced medical treatment, clinical trials and providetransportation and financial resources to our patients. The third strategy isprice- Kennidy’s Loving Arms Geriatric Facility will provide these services ata lower rate, than those of geriatric facilities in the area.

The fourthstrategy is promotion- the facility will have the most welled trainedphysicians and staff, promote lower prices and target all individuals age 65and older. The fifth strategy is patient- we will provide each patient withquality service and care at a low rate. Codes of ProfessionalConduct            At Kennidy’s Loving Arms Geriatric facility there arefour codes of professional conduct that each employee, regardless of their jobdescription or title, must follow. The first code is to respect the privacy andmaintain patient confidentiality (Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities, 2014).

This should be doneby handling all patient information in accordance with ethical standards andHIPAA law. The second code is to preserve integrity. The third code is tocontribute to the facility. We want each employee to feel valued, so weencourage them to bring forth anything that can help our facility better servethe patients and the community. The last code is to communicate responsibility,this goes hand in hand with contributing to the facility. Communicatingresponsibly can help with promoting the facility.  


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