Karl oboe in his school band. When Jenkins

Karl Jenkins was born and raised in 1944 in a village called Penclawdd that is located in the United Kingdom. His father was an organist and a coral master, so he taught Karl the music theory and how to play the piano.

He also played the oboe in his school band. When Jenkins got  to collage he focused on playing jazz and started to play the baritone and soprano saxophones. He formed the group Nucleus, and wrote most of the music for the groups first two albums and that is where he first started to write / compose music. After Karl graduated college he moved on to score and conduct an album of rock classics by Bonnie Taylor. He also composed for the Royal Ballet and the National Youth Orchestra of Wales. Kral Jenkins is alive and well in fact he will be at Carnegie Hall on January 15 that is already sold out. Some of his most well known and most famous pieces would have to be Adiemus, The Armed man, and Requiem. Some interesting facts about Karl is that he was in a band called soft machine which was a jazz rock band and he regularly wrote advertisement music his spare time.

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The first choral piece that I have chosen is “The Armed Man”, I choose to write about this one specific piece because it has a very army feel correlating with the armed feeling because when you think of the the armed my i immediately thought of a war of a soldier and that is kind of the vib that I get when I listen to this amazing piece. This piece mostly stood out to me because of the fact that when you listen to it you get the feeling that it is solution or honoring our soldiers that serve for our country and that let me know that the composer may have been trying to convey that message across to us when he was making this piece.  Even if that is not what he had in mind when he was writing this i  is what I got out of it and everyone one can interpret something differently r it could make them think of something that has happened to them in their past and that is what make the best music because it brings people back wanting more.

When I was listen to his piece i notice that there were both male and female voices in this piece so it would not be a group of one gender but to multiple, but i could not find anywhere whether it said that they all sin the same as in unison or as a mixed group. But if I had to pick one I would assume that It is in union because  it doesn’t sound like the males have a different part then the females. While listening to the peace i could only identify somany instruments in this piece, and so i had to look up what they are so I did and found out that it has a Piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, a Cor anglais, 2 clarinets in Bb, a Bass clarinet in Bb, 2 bassoons, a Contrabassoon, 4 horns in F, 4 trumpets in Bb, 3 trombones, a Tuba, Timpani, a Solo cello, Strings, 3 snare drums, a Field drum, 4 tom-toms, a Surdo, some Floor-toms, some Cymbals, 2 bass drums, a Chekere, a Congas, a Drum kit, a Tam-tam, a Triangle, a Taiko drum, some Wind chimes, a Mark tree, a Tenor Drum, a Tambourine, a Tamborim, and some Tubular Bells. When I was just listening to this I could have neer even though that some of these things are in this piece because I didn’t even know some of these thing existed. I think that the tone of this piece is mostly happy but it is also sad at the same time because it is a representation of the war and how people are dying but it is also representing how it is possible to make it out of the hard times and how you will always be able to look on the bright side no matter how dark your path may be.

And the language that it is inis English, Latin, and there is a little bit of French thrown in there. Karl Jenkins said that he wrote this piece for the victims of the  Kosovo Crisis. He essentially wrote this piece to help the victims remember that it was possible to survive through this hard time and that they just needed to stay strong and power through. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc8bc-bA1JM&list=PL292A2AE7B9FD983AThe second Choral composition that I chose is


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