Just their needs are met, forgetting about

Just to think about self care can be a task in itself.

I never really thought it about it, to be honest, but it is an essential part of living. We get so busy and caught up living in our everyday lives that we forget about the most important part, ourselves. I have two young kids ages 3 and 5, so my focus is always to take care of them and make sure their needs are met, forgetting about myself along the way. I think this assignment will help me to appreciate and not take for granted the things that I know I need to do for myself and to show love to the most important person, me.Stress management and self-soothing techniques are critical for surviving modern work—no matterFollowing with Empathic Concern, noticing the pain of others and wanting to help the other person. Thirdly is Exposure to the client, the more time face to face with a consumer.

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Consecutively follows Empathic Response – taking the steps and making an effort to help reduce or alleviate the suffering of the consumer through understanding. Afterward becomes Compassion Stress, the stress one feels from the additional empathy towards another. Sixth is Sense of Achievement; the extent to which the helping professional feels satisfied with how much they’ve helped their consumer. Along with Disengagement; when the helping professional distances themselves from the suffering of their consumer, a realization of the importance of self-care and …show more content… Empathizing is much more effective due to the other person feeling understood and cared for, however also runs the risk of actually experiencing the other person’s feelings; which can result in Secondary Post Traumatic Stress, covered in the next section.

With Compassion Fatigue, there is a point where a person experiences difficulty or an inability to empathize due to too much confusion with emotional investment. A person will neglect investment in the needs of their own emotions when confronted with emotional confusion. When a person is unable to meet their needs it becomes difficult to recognize the needs in others. Countertransference and TransferenceEmotions play other roles for those in the helping profession identified as countertransference and transference. Counter transference and transference are both states in which one party, the consumer or professional begins to over identify with one another and can let their emotions get overly attached.

The definition of countertransference in an individual as “the process of seeing oneself in the consumer, or over identifying with the consumer, or working to have your personal needs met through the consumer” (Corey, 1991). When a helping professional is looking to the person they are helping for assistance, boundaries get crossed, and it is a confusion of emotions. Holding strong boundaries helps the professional to realize at work to utilize empathy while keeping the


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