Just a perspective aspect of our perspective on

Just imagine, being in a world where everyone is controlled and taught to believe that there life is perfect.

 That is a reality for the citizens in North Korea..  At a young age the children in North Korea are taught and controlled to believe that they way they live is perfect, but in reality we all know that it is quite the opposite.  Shannon L. Alder, a popular writer, perfectly described this by stating, “your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in” (https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1391130.Shannon_L_Alder).

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 Alder is an inspirational writer that wrote over 100 novels, two of her best being 300 Questions To Ask Your Parents and 300 Questions LDS Couples Should Ask Before Marriage.  Her writings are mainly focused around celebrating uniqueness and freeing oneself, so that they can live life to the fullest.  This quote directly explains the life in North Korea, and how helpless the North Korean population is to the dictatorship.  This can be explained in three main reasons through the novel, The Girl With Seven Names, and the short story, Total Control in North Korea.

  The first reason is how the government controls the whole population in North Korea.  Secondly, how this quote directly relates to North Korea through a perspective aspect of our perspective on North Korea versus the perspective of a normal North Korean citizen.  Finally, the third main reason is that most North Koreans straightforwardly were taught to love their country and leader, and they do not know any better.   Peoples perspective on life severely changes depending on what environment they live in, who they are around, and everything else they are exposed to in life.  The controlled population in North Korea simply does not know how badly their country is in reality.To start things off, North Korea’s dictatorship is one of the most powerful in the world that most North Korean citizens believe they live in the most prosperous society.

 The overwhelming, powerful Kim dynasty has been ruling their country of North Korea for three generations.  Their rule is by force and respect, but most innocent citizens do not recognize this.  In the book, Hyeonseo Lee tells a story that she remembers from her childhood, “From the youngest years we associated the Great Lead and Dear Lead with gifts and excitement in the way that children in the west think of Santa Claus” (Lee 22).  This quote represents how children are raised to think of their leader, which are in nothing but great ways.

 Whereas from an American’s perspective we can see how terrible their society is.  The citizens, for the most part, devote their lives to their ruler, which is the main reason why the citizens believe that their society is perfect.Also, our perspective on North Korea is dramatically different, in general, than the typical North Korean.

 Most countries see North Korea for what the North Korean society really is, an overpowering dictatorship that controls the citizens with propaganda in order to make them believe their society.  Only some citizens see North Korea from the perspective, but the other citizens can see North Korea from their own perspective.  They see a perfect society leaded by the greatest leaders that deserved to praised every single day.  North Korea, in reality, has one of the worst societies.  “Most North Koreans often experience food shortages and power outages.

” (McBinley 13) This shows the effect of North Korea’s independent systems.  Many citizens are starving without really comprehending it, this is because they think that they are either starving for their leader, or that their leader wants this to happen.  the people are too controlled to understand that their leader is a really damaging dictator. Lastly, most of the citizens in North Korea believe they live in the absolute best possible society on this planet. In the online article Total Control in North Korea, by Jessica McBirney, Jessica explain that “North Korea is so cut off from the rest of the world” (McBirney 10).

 This quote sums up how North Korea urges to a more reclusive society and lifestyle.  Another example of this is in The Girl With Seven Names by Hyeonseo Lee with David John, where Hyeonseo Lee’s mother believes that staying in North Korea would be the best for herself and her daughter.  As outsiders, people not from North Korea, see from our perspective that this is a terrible decision that she is making since she does not see how poor and rough their society is to live in.

In conclusion, North Korea’s controlling government style ruins the lives of many helpless citizens.  Very little of the population in North Korea is able to see how the government is controlling, forceful, and terrible, but those are the citizens that defect and risk death while escaping from their country.  These defects seek asylums for safety but only a few are able to completely survive the flee from North Korea, but one of these survivors is Hyeonseo Lee, who lives to tell her story from her perspective.  Most North Koreans only realize how perfect their society is but from other countries’ perspectives, they are able to see how terrifying North Korea truly is.


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