Just The consequences of not following the Health

Just like if you neglected any of the following regulations/legislations
the consequences of not following or disobeying the British Standards differ
depending on the seriousness of the case. For example, if the British Standards
legislation is disobeyed massively like somebody has designed a product knowing
a rule from the regulation will be broken, then that person or company will
have massive backfire personally and legally. If it’s as small as something
like one of the products didn’t have the appropriate colouring for its
labelling then their punishment won’t be as serious, and will likely be a
warning or a small fine.

CE mark doesn’t necessarily mean the product has been made in the EU, it just
mean it follows the legislation requirements and to get the CE mark a product
must be tested and then positively marked by a notified body. If your product doesn’t
abide/follow the CE marking requirements, then it cannot be sold in the EU
legally. Depending on the seriousness of the neglect to follow, products found not to be in full compliance with
applicable directives and regulations, there can be a range of consequences.
Consequences can involve, but are not limited to:

Removal of the product from the EU market

Removal of the product from the EU market

Refusal of free movement of the product within the
EU zone

Cause for restarting the compliance process

Loss of the product’s CE marking

Recall of the product from end users

Ban on the marketing of the product

Destruction of the product


The health and safety at work act (HASAWA), is the most
frequently used legislation within health and safety regulations. This is one
of the most serious legislations to follow as well. The consequences of not following
the Health and safety at work 


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