Junk food stores has increased incredibly, and

Junk food is terrible for your body, and it suffocates your nutrition. The amount of junk food and fast food stores has increased incredibly, and this is leading to poor diet.

In this article, I will be talking how junk food affects your body and why its bad for your body.Sodium If there is something that junk food contains it sodium, and sodium at very levels. Sodium is a massive contributor to things like high blood pressure and heart, liver and kidney diseases.

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The average American will eat around five to ten times more salt than the average milligrams that is recommended. DiabetesWhen eating junk food, your insulin levels will increase because you eat the processed sugars, examples of things like soft drinks and white flour and it will limit the amount of fibre and nutrients. If you eat junk foods throughout your day, it will cause insanely high insulin levels, which will lead to your body ignoring this vital hormone, and the consequences include a condition known as insulin resistance. DepressionA surprising fact about junk food is that it can contribute to depression.

It’s more likely to happen to teenagers.  It more likely when you’re hitting puberty meaning you can suffer things like mood and behavioural swings. What a healthy diet will do is keep hormone levels on the right level, unlike junk food which will fall well short of these vital requirements.Nutrient DeficienciesProcessing that removes vitamins, minerals and fibre make junk foods into the sources of empty calories that nutritionists disparage. When children eat a load of junk food, this can lead into nutritional deficiencies which means you will suffer from things like low energy, lots of mood swings, lack of food and sometimes it can affect your academic potential.

Junk food is prevalent in the modern world we live, it provides an excitement that you probably won’t get when you eat your fruit and vegetables. It may taste nicer but the things that junk food will contain it not helpful for your body. So when you see your favourite chocolate, you should think about what it does to your body. 


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