Journal battle, a young man in a

Journal Entry 5 Oct.

18, 1781. I am a general in the Colonial American Army. It is the day of the attack. Things are buzzing and frantic all over camp. Just a few weeks ago, General Washington gave Alexander Hamilton command over my ranks to lead an attack agianst the British. Im very nervous.

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Even though we have the aid of the french, I still feel like we might lose a lot whether it be men, supplies, or ammunition. But thought I have my doubts I place my life and trust in God and Hamilton’s plan.As the time has come we go to our final meeting before we ride into battle. We line up in our ranks as Hamilton goes over the plan and says a speech “We have one shot at this, but only together can we do this. Together we can turn the tides.

And if we manage to get this right they’ll surrender by morning. The world will never be the same. But before we do this, everyone.

..” he pauses but restarts his sentence ” Take the bullets out of your guns! We move under the cover of night. In the night we have one shot to live another day, we cannot let a stray bullet give us away! We will fight up close, hope we find an opening and stay in it. It’s either that or meet the end of there bayonets.

The code name is ‘Rochambeau’, now enough talking and let’s go but one more thing we will not surrender not until the world turns upside down.” After a long hard fought battle, a young man in a red coat stands on a parapet. We lower our guns as he frantically waves a white handkerchief. And just like that it’s over, we tend to our wounded and we count our dead.

George Washington and their leader Cornwallis negotiate the terms of surrender,but as I glance over I see just a small grin on Washington’s face.


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