Jordahn came in to help deliver Skylar. As

Jordahn ArtisMrs EnnsWriting and Grammar Period 919 September 2017                                   Skylar Yolanda Marie TaggartI’ll never forget the time when my baby sister Skylar Yolanda Marie Taggart was born. She was born on Sunday 23th of July .  My sister was actually suppose to be born on Wednesday 26th of  July. My mother wasn’t feeling so good that day she said ” That we’re going to the hospital”. I was shocked and happy because I thought that she was coming. When we got there my mother doctor was waiting for her at the desk       saying ” Hey  Jenn how are you.” ” I’m fine .”My mother said. As we were going in the hospital room I felt a little sad because I  knew that I wasn’t going to be the only child anymore. We got the room it was kind of small. As my mother and Mr Doug sat down I heard a lady in the next room moaning because she was trying Hypnotic birthing. I mother and I was laughing because it was so funny. The doctor asked my mother to change into a gown. When she  was done putting on the gown she sat down she was in pain because her stomach. When the doctor checking her the doctor said ” That you 4 centimeters wide .” My mother was so shocked because when she came in on that Friday she wasn’t dilated at all so she was very happy. As the day went  by she was getting more and more dilated. My cousin Tamika is a doctor at Paoli Hospital on Sunday was her day off day so she came in to help deliver Skylar.  As Tamika was coming,Skylar was moving around in my mom’s stomach.     An 1 hour went by still no Skylar,but then Tamika came in.After awhile  my mom started having a really bad pains. She rang the doctor bell, as the doctor came in she checked my mother again but this time she said ” Jenn we’re going to break your water.” ” Is’nt when your water breaks it feels like you’re peeing.”  I said. Everybody in the just stared at me. My mother told me “You have go sit in the hallway.”    “Why I want to sit in there with you  guys” I whined.         ” NO.” as she yelled. So I was sitting the waiting room waiting for her to deliver the baby as I was waiting I saw my cousin Ashley come in from the elevator. “Where’s your mom ?””She’s in room 313.”As I waited for ten minutes than my Grandmommy  came. Than 20 minutes later she told to come in. I was so excited  to meet her. As I walked in she was crying I felt nervous my hands were shaking and stomach had butterflies in it because I was nervous because i never had a sibling before. As I was holding her all of the butterflies went away.                                    


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