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The Wright brothers were inventors in the Industrial Revolution. Orville and Wilbur Wright were the inventors of the first fully controlled airplane (1905). They decided to build their inventions because they were passionate about aeronautics, the science or the practice of travel through the air. They first got into aeronautics because of their father, Milton Wright an ordain minister and his wife Susan Catherine Koerner Wright. His parents had seven children but only five survived infancy, which included Ida Wright and Otis Wright. The Wright brothers were the start of the Aerial Age. Soon the story of Wilbur Wright ends May 30, 1912, however, Orville Wright carries on the legacy, until January 27, 1948.

Orville Wright were born in Dayton, Ohio. Orville was born in August 19, 1871. Orville attended high school in Iowa, however, he did not graduate high school. Orville was a curious and mischievous boy. Milton’s Wright, Orville’s father, brought home toy helicopters for his sons. Orville and his brothers were very interested by the toy helicopter and a passion for aeronautics was born. When the Wright family moved to Richmond, Indiana, in 1881, Orville started to love kites and made his own. Orville wanted to pursue a career as a printer. Orville and Wilbur opened a printing shop near their home. When they were teenagers, they published the “West Side News” which was the Dayton newspaper. Then their mother dies by tuberculosis Orville, Katherine (sister), and Wilbur developed a strong bond with one another after this tragic event.

Wilbur Wright was born in Millville, Indiana. Wilbur was the third child out of 5 kids, also Wilbur was born on April 16, 1867. Wilbur bought a bike then opened a bike store that fixed and sold bikes. Wilbur and Orville felt like they didn’t like their job, so they left that job. 1892 is when Orville found a new job to study the human aircraft. Wilbur and Orville sent a letter to Mr. Smithers about the famous aircraft modeler. They also asked if they could borrow his notes about the aircraft construction. Wilbur and Orville said if they made a plane, they would give half the credits to Mr. Smithers.

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Orville found a hobby for flying kites and in a few months, he started building them at home. Orville dropped out of high school senior year and then opened a print shop. In 1889 Orville and Wilbur started to publish the West Side News. Wilber was the editor for the Newspaper, company. Also, the Newspaper company was successful, and they published local news.

Wilbur and Orville Wright are the inventors of the Wright Glider, Aircraft, and Fixed-Winged Aircraft. They first got into aeronautics because of their father, when their father brought a toy helicopter made of cork, bamboo, paper, and a rubber band to twist its blade. This made them fall in love with aeronautics and flying. Wilbur was a very bright and studious child, excelled in school and once wanted to apply for Yale University, however, a very serious accident in an ice hockey game turned his life around, giving him depression, which led to the Wright brother opening their own bike shop fixing and making them. The death of German aviator Otto Lilienthal who died in a glider crash inspired the Wright brothers to make their own design. To create wings for the glider, they studied birds and its angled wings to balance and control, which they tried to emulate this creating the “wing warping”. This led to their first design which flew for 59 seconds at 852 feet in the air, however, this was not appreciated by people, which made the Wright brothers more eager to improve their product.

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Academically Wilbur was a great student and athlete. Orville was doing good academically in Elementary but as he grew up, he developed other interests. Due to Wilbur’s facial injury he was not able to continue his education. Wilbur intended to attend Yale where he would study clergyman. Wilbur and Orville helped their father to edit a journal called the Religious Telescope. After Wilber and Orville decided to make a paper on their own called the West Side News. When they opened the Wright Cycle shop in Dayton, Orville and Wilbur gained mechanical skills from the shop. They would later use the skills they learned when building their first plane.

In 1908 Wilbur went to Europe so he can try to convince the people and sell airplanes. When they tried to improve their product the Wright Brothers made their own combustion engine and soon figured out that the only problem was control. They decided to use the hands of the operators to get full control of the glider/airplane. After further research and improvements, their first design the Wright Glider a biplane that flew a disappointing distance, which made the Wright brothers eager to improve, increasing the expansion of the wings to 26 meters. This led to further test after test concluding that control and lift was the problem that they had to fix. They decided to build a wind tunnel to analyze and test their new designs through this the Wright brothers tested around 100 to 200 wing designs in this tunnel, collecting information on the relative efficiencies of various air folds and determining the efficiency of different wing shapes, tip designs, and gap sizes between the two wings of a biplane.

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Making the predictions they had made while making their design and were able to complete their control system, soon afterwards the Wright brothers designed and built a four-cylinder internal combustion engine, following that they were able to design a twin blade propeller from the data of the wind tunnel. Once this was created more testing, assembling, and repairing occurred then testing can along which for the first time in history, a heavier than air machine had performed a powered and continuous flight controlled by a pilot. This determined the Wright brothers to further improve their invention allowing their airplane to stay in the air for around 39 minutes performing tricks, afterwards they couldn’t hide their invention no more, soon selling their product negotiating a contract for it.

After all their success, one of the two legends fall from exhaustion from legal concerns, business and suffering from a typhoid fever Wilbur Wright dies in his bed in morning of May 30, 1912. Since Wilbur was the one to get Orville into aeronautics and had taken leadership in the Wright’s business, Orville decided to take leadership and control of the business to carry on the legacy of Wilbur Wright when he had passed away. Orville was able to keep the company firm, until 1915 when he sold the interest of the company to a couple of financers. Winning the Collier Trophy in 1913 for his work on automatic stabilizers for aircrafts and worked as a consulting engineer in World War 1. Orville was one of the most celebrated American of his time receiving honorary degrees and awards from universities and organizations from across Europe and America and he remained very active in aeronautics last, but not least he kept on spreading the legacy of the Wright brothers.

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However, the legacies of both brothers end when Orville Wright passes away from a heart attack, dying three days after later in Dayton Hospital. The Wright brothers were a huge factor in the history of the world inspiring hundreds, thousands, and even millions after the Industrial Revolution helping the world move into the future with their invention, starting the Aerial Age, creating the first flying airplane, created a four-cylinder combustion engine, added double propellers to improve the plane’s efficiency, etc. As you can see, the Wright brothers are inspirational, kind, smart, persistent, hard-working, ethical, etc.


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