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Jonathan Ryan GP Project Main Topic: SuicideTopic: What are the best ways of managing suicide among the youth?INTRODUCTION: Suicide is when a person takes their own life. The common ways of committing suicide people usually do are the following: Shooting themselves, cutting themselves, but the most popular one is people hanging themselves. Most cases of suicide or attempted around the world are caused by mental illnesses. Depression is the leading cause of illness and disability around the globe. The latest estimates of the WHO show that more than 300 million people are living with depression today, which is a very large number!! The numbers have increased by 18% between 2005 and 2015. There’s been an effort recently to openly talk about mental health in the society. People look at suicide as a way to get out of their problems.GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES SUICIDE IN USSuicide in the US is a dreadful thing that happens a lot. Suicide in the US especially among Adolescent girls. Suicide rates for women and girls are rising rapidly. The suicide rate has risen by a quarter, to 13 per 100,000 in 2014 from 10.5 in 1999, which is a massive increase in numbers. Teen suicide is a growing health concern. It is the second-leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24, surpassed only by accidents, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The following are Signs to show that a person may be thinking of committing suicide. Talking About Dying: any mention of dying, disappearing, jumping, shooting oneself or other types of Self harm (APA, 2017) Recent Loss: through death, divorce, separation, broken relationship, self-confidence, self-esteem, loss of interest in friends, hobbies or activities previously enjoyed. Change in Personality: sad, withdrawn, irritable, anxious, tired, indecisive, apathetic. Change in Behavior: can’t concentrate on school, work or routine tasks. Change in Sleep Patterns: insomnia, often with early waking or oversleeping, or nightmares. Change in Eating Habits: loss of appetite and weight, or overeating. Fear of losing control: acting erratically, harming self or others.Low self-esteem: feeling worthless, shame, overwhelming guilt, self-hatred, “everyone would be better off without me.” No hope for the future: believing things will never get better, or that nothing will ever change. (APA, 2017)SUICIDE IN UNITED KINGDOMIt’s impossible to guarantee you will never get a mental health condition, but you can take steps to improve your mental health. If you’re stronger emotionally, you may find it easier to cope with stressful or upsetting incidents, reducing your risk of developing a mental health condition, such as depression, and the risk of suicidal thoughts. Research shows that for some people with mild depression, exercise can be as effective as antidepressant medication in reducing depressive symptoms. Being physically active helps to: lift your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, encourage the release of “feel-good” chemicals, called endorphins, improve self-esteem.The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends exercise should be used to treat depression in people of all ages.It’s also important to eat a healthy diet. Eating healthily may be as important for maintaining mental health as it is for protecting against physical health problems. Staying positive may sound like a meaningless phrase, particularly to someone with severe depression, but it’s important to try to remain as positive as possible.Persistent negative thinking can mean you risk withdrawing from the world and becoming more isolated.SUICIDE IN CHINASuicide in China is the most abnormal cases because unlike in other countries, Suicide is higher in males than in females. But in Asia (China) the women have higher cases of suicide.  China is the only country in the world where the female suicide rate is higher than the male. Experts differ on the exact number – but estimates say that between 25 and 40 per cent more women kill themselves each year than men. China accounts for 26 per cent of the world’s suicides. According to the World Bank and the World Health Organization, the country saw approximately 500 by women per day in 2009. That’s 182,500 a year. If suicide has continued at that rate since those statistics were published, that means more than 1.2 million Chinese women (Ren, 2017)have taken their own lives in the past seven years.Preventing suicide by restricting access to suicide methods is one of the few evidence-based suicide prevention strategies. Good ways to stop yourself and others from committing is to try and talk to someone you trust, or who you believe will not judge you but help you. Try stay around the right people and always have a positive mindset. It’s a tough journey but we can all a test to no problem can be bigger than our lives. If it’s a mental illness that you have start seeking the right help and all will be well.National PerspectiveIn My country Kenya, Suicide I would say has risen this year of 2017.Suicide in my country is not as bad the way it is around the world, but people still do it. There are a few doctors for mental health but I think Kenya is a very friendly country, as in you have many friends who can help and since its Africa most people have families and loved ones so they find it easier to be around positive people and loved ones. Personal PerspectiveIn my own personal perspective, . I had a friend Josiah Gathura Kariuki, who I lost earlier this year in May. He was suffering from depression and alcoholism and as his parents travelled, he broke into his Fathers Safe and took a gun and shot himself straight in the head and sadly passed on a few days later. nothing is bigger than taking your own life. If you feel suicidal just talk to the good people around you and seek help even medical help where needed. The best person to help you with dealing with your problems can be the Lord your God.  Try and Pray and you’ll be able to go through with your problems. Suicide will not help solve your problems because you will be dead. Possible ScenariosSCENARIO 1The Person who is battling the suicide case, may seek help in maybe going for therapy, seeing the right doctors and maybe even talking to the right people to help. They may get the right help required and become stronger and way out of the ideas of Suicide.SCENARIO 2The Patient in this case may not get the help required, or feel to trapped about the situation and not talk to anybody about it, which will throw them into a tough world where they think their own their own but that’s not the case. It’s just that they can’t find the confidence to face up and speak up about what’s bothering them and they might as well go on and do the dreadful thing and shoot themselvesPossible Courses of ActionThere is only two main possible course of action and that is, either you fight your battle with whatever is pushing you to the suicide limit and you survive, or you decide you have had enough and you then commit suicide. There are less suicide survivors among the youth than the people who have taken their own life. If you think you can make it then go do your best.


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