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John Steinbeck used many examples of foreshadowing in his book Of Mice And Men and gives many clues about the fate of Lennie scattered in the book, Candy’s dog is just used as one of the several examples in the book.An example of foreshadowing in Of Mice And Men is when Carlson shoots Candy’s old dog, which foreshadows Lennie’s demise. Their deaths were both to put them out of their misery.

George did it so he wouldn’t regret it like Candy did when he said “I ought of shot that dog myself.” If George did not do it himself then Lennie would be tortured and killed by someone else, so George decided it was better if he did it himself. Another example of how the author foreshadows Lennie’s demise is when they say that Lennie’s wife is a “rat trap” which foreshadows that Lennie will most definitely fall for the “trap”, in the end he did and snapped her neck which lead him to be shot in the back of the head.Foreshadowing can also be seen when Curley harrases Lennie for being bigger than him and not talking.

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That foreshadows the possibility of an argument between the two or a possible fight. When George was basically doing the interview for Lennie, Curley said to “Let the big guy talk”, however before that day George told Candy that they should “Watch out for Lennie, he ain’t no fighter but he is strong as a bull” because Lennie’s strength and clumsiness might lead to a problem like in WEED, plus Curley doesn’t like big guys like Lennie.The last piece of foreshadowing is taken in WEED, we find out that Lennie and George got kicked out of/ran away from WEED due to Lennie’s fetish for soft things, like mice or rabbits, we also know Lennie doesn’t quite learn from his mistakes, which foreshadows him making the same mistake in the barn. When Curley’s wife asks for Lennie to pet her hair, her fate sets in stone, Lennie didn’t let go because he was scared and her screaming made it worse which lead to Curley’s wife’s neck being snapped.

Overall, John Steinbeck used most of the foreshadowing to hint what will happen to George and Lennie and the death of Lennie and their dream. Like the death of Candy’s dog, Curley’s wife called a “rat trap”, Curley harassing Lennie and what happened in WEED.


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