John his wife, and his reputation. Proctor refuses

John Proctor tries to lie, but can’t. He cannot bring it upon himself to confess lies to betray his friends, his wife, and his reputation. Proctor refuses to name others because he can’t go against them by committing another sin on top of having an adulterous relationship with Abigail. He also leaves behind his concern of his reputation by admitting his sin to protect his wife. He does not want to put shame on to his friends or live with the knowledge that other innocent people died while he escaped death by lying. “‘Because I am not worth the dust of the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? … leave me my name!'” (Pg. 133) Not only does he want to protect those he loves, but he also wants to protect his name. He does not want to lose all the respect he has built up for his name, let alone have it be tarnished by his Puritan community. John Proctor realizes a good reputation means living honestly, and not blackening the names of others. He wants to leave the earth a good man, maybe even make up for the sin of adultery that tarnishes his soul and his conscience.


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