Joel ever. It was a bad stat

Joel Bestlabeled “Every year since 1950, the number of American children gunned down hasdoubled.” As the worst social statistic ever.

It was a bad stat because it wasinaccurate.  Some factors that make thestatistic less powerful are, where the stat came from, who counts the death andhow, what do they mean by “child”, and what does “killed by guns” mean. A goodsolution for a bad stat would be to make sure it has a good source behind it. Socialresearchers helped develop social statistics because they believed it couldhelp governments devise wise policies. They also were aware of scientificdevelopments. What the author means when her said “creating a social problem”is that a social issueis a problem thatinfluences a considerable number of the individuals within a society.

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Social issues are distinguishedfrom economic issues;however, some issues haveboth social andeconomic aspects. There are also issues thatdon’t fall into either category, such as warfare. The fourbasic sources of bad stats are: guessing, defining, measuring, and sampling.Guessing is when someone don’t really know the facts, or when someone is hopingto draw attention, or maybe someone is being bias about a subject.

In order forit to be a good stat, it has to have some sort of definition to answer aquestion, if it does not have that then it is a bad stat. In a good stat therehas to be a sample or example, if not then it is a bad stat. The threemind-sets audiences have when it comes to stats are the naïve. That’s when theybelieve they understand a bit about stats. Another one is the cynical, that’swhen someone is suspicious of stats. Also there is the critical, and that’swhen someone is cautious and they evaluate numbers to distinguish between andgood or bad stat.

The author thinks the Critical is the best. My mind setbefore reading this book was I didn’t really care. And after reading this bookI still don’t care.     


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