With to generate quite a substantial amount

With my communication skills, I will be able to generate quite a substantial amount of business by influencing people.

I would like to know, the terms and conditions regarding the appointment of agent in ____________ (Insurance company Name). Given the chance,! Promise you to generate a good volume of busi­ness. Your kind consideration is solicited. Thanking You Yours Sincerely,(Your Name)

Reply to the previous letter

To,(Name)(Address)(Date) Sir, At the onset, let me thank you for showing an active in­terest regarding the business development of ____________ (Insur­ance Company Name) and in the same breadth let me also convey you that ____________ (Insur­ance Company Name) welcomes self motivated people like you to join the organisation. I’m very confident that with your self-confidence and motivated nature, you will defi­nitely generate business with us. However the rules for recruiting agents have now changed a bit and according to the new rules of Insurance Development Regulatory Act, you will have to take an exam conducted by ____________ (Insurance Company) in order to be eligible for becoming an agent. For further details, do visit our office to clarify the matter.

With Warm Regards, Divisional Manager


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