I I am very well versed with

I have been informed by ____________ (Placement Consultants Name), ____________ (Address) that there is a vacancy for a receptionist in your firm. I have been directed by this consultant to approach you and apply for the aforesaid position. I am ____________ (Your Name), twenty-four years of age and a resident of ____________ (Address).

I completed my graduation course ____________ (in arts) from the ____________ (University Name) in ____________ (Date) I worked for ____________ (Company Name), ____________ (Place name), in the capacity of Receptionist cum Computer Operator for the two years. As on date, I am not working anywhere. My father is shifting to ____________ (Place Name) as he has business interests in ____________ (Place name). He would like the entire family to shift from ____________ (Place name) to ____________ (Place name). If I were able to locate a job of a receptionist, I would be able to help my family on the financial front.

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I am very well versed with EPBAX system, cellular phone systems and ISD systems. I am fully computer literate. I know Internet operations and can send and receive E-mail messages. During the course of my previous job, I also handled the dispatch section for six months. Therefore, I would be able to look after the receipts and dispatches’ of mail in your firm. Eventually, I would like to become a front offer executive and would expect you to elevate me to that status within two years from the date of joining your esteemed firm. I am willing to undergo training in order to improve my productivity.

I am also aware of shorthand. My speed for taking shorthand notes is 140 wpm and my typing speed is 55 wpm. On the computer keyboard, my typing speed is 45 wpm. If I were given an opportunity, I would do my best to serve your organisation. My CV has been attached with this application. If you need any other piece of information, please send a letter at my ____________ (Place) address.

Two references have been appended for your record and necessary action. Thanking you, Yours sincerely,(Your Name)


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