This Journal of Research Technology Management. This article

Thisarticle was writing by Stelios Kavadias, Kostas Ladas, and Christopher Loch.First off Stelios Kavadias is the Margaret Thatcher Professor of EnterpriseStudies in Innovation & Growth, in the Judge Business School at theUniversity of Cambridge. Also, he was the Steven A. Denning Professor ofTechnology & Management, as well as an Associate Professor of OperationsManagement, at the College of Management at Georgia Tech.

Next Dr. KonstantinosLadas is an Associate at the Entrepreneurship Centre, Cambridge Judge BusinessSchool. He served as project manager on the relationship of technology andinnovation for the School’s Executive Education division. Previously he washead of a network strategy – responsible for the fixed network – at OTE theincumbent Telecom operator in Greece.

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He has more than twenty years’ experiencein a broad range of high-level management positions in telecommunications andhas served as an adviser to the CEO responsible for technology selection andcollective labor agreements negotiations. Christoph Loch is the Director (Dean)of Cambridge Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. ProfessorLoch took office on September 2011, having previously held the position ofGlaxoSmithKline Chaired Professor of Corporate Innovation and Professor ofTechnology and Operations Management at INSEAD, where he also served as Dean ofthe INSEAD Ph.

D. program from 2006-2009. He is associate editor of the Journalof Management Science, and he serves on the editorial boards of the Journal ofEngineering and Technology Management and the Journal of Research TechnologyManagement.   This articlefocused on how technology can enhance how your business is conducted and howtechnology helps the business keep up with the needs of the market. Some of thecompanies that successfully are Amazon, Uber, and Nike ID.

They used the newtech trends like interfacing, Optimization technologies, Platforms forconnecting devices, Mobility and cloud technologies, and Decentralizedsmall-scale manufacturing. Also, the article discusses the six keys to successA more personalized product or service, closed-loop process, Asset sharing,Usage-based pricing, A more collaborative ecosystem and An agile and adaptiveorganization.    In chapter 2 is basically tell thereader how to create its vision, mission, objectives, and strategy. So thischapter is explaining what direction you want your company to go. But thearticle shows how technology enhances the productivity of their companies.

Alsohow tech can satisfy different parts of the market that they couldn’t reach inthe past.    ·        How do you develope a companymission statement?·        Why do you need a balanced approachto the objective setting?·        What makes up a strategic plan?


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