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The JFK Jr. plane crash affected our whole country this
past summer. John F. Kennedy Jr. with not all that much
experience decided to fly his wife, Carolyn Bassett and
himself to Hyannis Port for a family wedding, dropping off
his sister in law Lauren off at Marthas Vineyard. It was a
foggy night and Kennedy crashed to his death just a mere
20 miles shy of Marthas Vineyard. The Kennedys have
been a loved family of all Americans. This family has been
through more tragedies than most. Many reporters have
talked of the Kennedy curse. Is the family cursed? Most
would say yes due to the ten deaths to this family over the
course of the years, only two of which were natural. The
average life span of the Kennedys is forty-four in
comparison to the general population of seventy-two years.

If I were the President of the United States of America I
would be deeply saddened by the loss of a very prominent
figure in the American culture. I would also be upset that
such a promising future for this man in our country was
taken away, seeing how John F. Kennedy Jr. was in line
for the presidential elections. On a personal level I would
be grateful for John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife to be
together in their leaving this world and on to the next. It
was a sad event that such young people had to have their
lives taken from them. This event affected the country in a
big way. They all sat at home, offices, shopping marts, etc.

on the edge of their seats keeping up on this horrible event.

Everyone hoped even with such trying odds that John
would be okay. We all felt the loss of such a great man.

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