Jennifer what we want. Laziness have invaded

Jennifer Reglos Mrs.

MockEnglish 2 / Period 5 9 January 2017Technological Takeover Our generation today has categorized technology to be a prominent factor of living. We utilize technology in our everyday lives and have learned to depend on our cellular devices for the simplest tasks. Although technological advancements have phased our world today, we are finding ways of abusing it. Technology shouldn’t affect the younger generation in ways that lead them to lose interest in communicating with their friends and family. I believe that if we don’t recognize the ways we take advantage of technology, it may lead to horrible consequences in the future.

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These negative consequences include the decline of both our mental focus and our ability to empathize with one another. One of the many negative consequences of technology is its effects it has on our attention span. For example, when you and your family go out to eat, there’s always that one family with all their faces in front of their screens. That family might even be yours. This action diminishes the communication a family has. It will soon lead to the decline of a healthy family relationship. Our cell phones have become very divertive that schools don’t allow them. Daniel Paul Watkins, a senior and president of the student government from Abilene Christian University states, “Since the iPhones were introduced, I honestly think that academic integrity has gone down.

I’ve seen people cheat and I’ve heard about how easy it is to cheat.” This supports the idea that we are getting too lazy to think for ourselves. We use technology as a shortcut to get what we want. Laziness have invaded us through our devices.Another consequence is technology interfering with the young’s mental focus and health.

I can support this with my own personal experience. My baby cousin, who is now 3 years old, has been dependent on watching videos to keep her sane since she was a baby. At first, it was fine for her parents because she wasn’t bothered. A year later, she has gotten out of control. She will scream and throw tantrums to get the cell phone. She knows how to decline calls, swipe and control the device.

Our younger generation will soon depend their whole lives on technology that they won’t even think about communication with others, such as their parents or even their friends.Ray Bradbury has been warning us about the dangers of technology through his books. More specifically, on his book called Fahrenheit 451. The book is set on a dystopian society in the future. He emphasizes on the idea of how technology threatens our humanity and our personal lives. The book is based on technology taking over the community that books have become illegal. In the book, people are brainwashed by censorship.

Teenagers kill each other for fun and citizens talk to the television on the wall who they call their relatives. A character that demonstrates this behavior is Mildred Montag. Her humanity has vanished along with her emotions. When we first meet her, we are told that she has overdosed on sleeping pills. This happened because the light coming from the screen has adjusted her memory. When the “paramedics” come, they pump out the blood out of her with a tool and insert new ones. These are untrained paramedics who don’t value a human life. They are heartless and inexperienced men in the medical field.

Bradbury explains that our future will consist of us humans not caring about each other.Eugenia Ives from Dominican University of California on her article of iGeneration, states ” We life in a fast tracked digital age where there is still much that is unknown nor are there longitudinal studies that explore how digital technology affects our brains, how we socialize, how we learn, and how we live.”  Technology is taking over. We are letting it affect our mental health and physical relationships. If we keep allowing it to take over us, it will lead to the loss of our humanity.


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