Jean learned that You never really know

Jean Louise Finch better known as Scout is the sister of Jeremy Finch. Their father is Atticus Finch Attorney of Law. Atticus has accepted the case to defend a black man accused of rape. This man Tom Robinson is married and has three children. Scout is informed of Atticus’s defense by her fellow students who are prejudiced against Tom Robinson because of his skin color. Cecil Jacobs told scout that “Scout Finch’s daddy defended n******.

I denied it, but told Jem” (74). Before Scout learned of Tom Robinson and his case she was completely oblivious to racism since she was raised in a racist free home. Scout later asked “‘Do you defend n******, Atticus?’ I asked him that evening.

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‘Of course I do. Don’t say n*****, Scout. That’s common”‘ (75). During her conversations with Atticus she learns that what the mass liked wasn’t always the proper and respectful thing to say or do. She learned that the average person does not set a high moral standard for themselves. Scout lastly learns that those who are prejudice act irrationally and don’t make good decisions. Scout finally learned this when Judge Taylor stated the verdict.

The verdict by the jury was, “Guilty . . . guilty . .

. guilty . . .

guilty . . . ” (211). Atticus put up an amazing case he proved that the person who hit Mayella was probably left handed. This shows that the guilty one was her father and not the left hand cripple Tom Robinson. Scout learned that although someone can be presented with clear evidence they may choose to do the wrong thing because of prejudice.

Through Scout’s time at Tom Robinson’s trial she learned that racism and prejudice can cloud the clearest judgement and make the smartest people ignorant.Jem and Scout matured and beheld the truth about the world. They learned from their father how to mature and become better behaved then those around them. Jem realized that his treatment toward Mrs. Dubose was prejudiced and that the courage she had was enormous. He also learned that people are not always what they seem. Scout learned that You never really know a person until you meet them in person.

Scout also grasped the importance of overcoming prejudice and racism in yourself and others. These events show that those subject to prejudice are slightly different than others, but different doesn’t mean worse. Everyone is different in their own way.Through examining Jem’s experience with Mrs. Dubose, Scout’s meeting with Boo Radley and Scout’s time at Tom Robinson’s trial, one can see Harper Lee’s message. That message is that most people that are different are a subject to another’s prejudice since prejudice is a trait  all people have and must suppress.

Scout and Jem were both taught decency by Atticus what would they have believed if Atticus died and not their mother. Would the children try to act presentable and please everyone like their aunt wants them too. If they tried to please everyone they would become prejudiced.

If all people wanted is fit in would they have to give up their individuality.


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