Jacque Rousseau was born in

Jean-Jacque Rousseau was born in Geneva, Switzerlandfrom a lower middle-class protestant family, on the 28th of June 1712.

After losinghis mother 9 days after his birth, he was abended by his father at ten years ofage. His uncle took him under his care and sent him to study in Bosey Rousseauhad only one brother who ran away when he was still a young child.During his childhood education Rousseau had to readthe Plutarch’s “Lives” and Calvinist books. For quite a few years as a youth,Rousseau worked as an apprentice to a notary and then he became an apprenticewith an engraver.

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He believed that man, in his natural, primitive state,without being civilized, is harmless and good. When man is surrounded by naturehe develops feelings: love, sincerity, simplicity and sympathy for hiscompanions. Rousseau fled from the city when he was sixteen years of age andtook refuge under the patronage of a Roman Catholic noblewoman,Francoise-Louise de la Tour, Baroone de Warens. Through her influence, Rousseauconverted into Roman Catholic in April 1728.Rousseau published many works such as “Emile” and “TheSocial Contract”. This marked the high point of Rousseau’s intellectual achievement. Sadly,for Rousseau, these publication of “Emile” and “The Social Contract” led topersonal disaster.

The book “Emilie” was condemned in Paris,while in Genevaboth “Emile” and “The Social Contract” were censured due to religiousheterodoxy.Rousseau died through a stroke on the 2nd July 1778 atthe age of sixty-six in Ermenonville, France..During his lifetime, his ideologies were little readand poorly understood, but during the French revolution in 1789, Rousseau wasthe most famous of the philosophers among the members of the Jacobin club leadby Robespierre. Sixteen years after his death, Rousseau was interred as anational hero in Paris,in 1794.

(Bertram, 2017) 


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