Jealousy the potential to turn into obsessions It

Jealousy is a dreadful feeling, the root of all evil It begins by controlling your actions Eventually playing with your mind You begin to over think, and over think, until you can no longer think anymore.  Desires have the potential to turn into obsessions It can change one into someone else; someone they never imagined to be.  Little does one know that the root of jealousy is fear and sadness.  Jealousy is an unpleasant emotion, often depicted as both a cause and effect Caused by greed and human perspective  Eventually leading to physical, psychological, and emotional effects.  It is a feeling that urges when someone is trying to take what is yours.  Life is a never-ending game, a struggle to keep going With the rise of competition in this contemporary world, one may never be left satisfied with themselves. Expectations are bigger and better than ever before Leaving one to possess and want more and more. No matter what these things may be Such as a new job position, lifestyle, or even possession of certain inanimate objects  The urge to want more, is essentially never ending. It often turns into an obsession for money and power Leading to a loss of personal values and sense of one’s actions. Only a few ever make it to a “winning position”  Those who are considered the winners of life, are secretly envied by those who wish to be like them  The notion of happiness being handed to them creates emotions of hatred and dislike by others They tend to focus on what they really want and forgot about what they really need. Insecurities have also become the root of jealousy Many worry about how they are perceived by others These unhappy individuals are worried about their lives and begin to talk about others Jealousy is essentially like a volcanic eruption; it destroys everything that is around us  Almost like an undying fire.  When others succeed, jealous often arises.   Those who have something negative to say about others, are most likely just jealous.  Jealous people can be sometimes be considered fake. They depict an image of happiness, although they may be miserable on the inside.  These bottled up emotions have the ability to make or break an individual.  Hearts begin to shatter as sadness takes over.  It’s sad enough to say that more people are dying of jealousy then of cancer. Instead of looking at the blessings of those around us, one should be looking at their own It is impossible to live a joyful life if we are too busy wishing we had someone else’s success  Instead of being jealous of what other people have, we should be thankful about the things we have right now.  If we stop looking at the things that people have, jealousy will fly away. 


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