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Jaz Pritzker is an american entrepreneur and philanthropist. He was born on the 26th of August 1922 in Chicago, Illinois. His parents are Abram Nicholas Pritzker and Fanny Pritzker. His family had originally migrated from Russia to Chicago, Illinois. It was rumored that when the Pritzker family first migrated to the United States from Russia that Nicholas and Annie Pritzker, who are Jay Pritzker’s grandparents, were very poor. However, they did not let that stop them. Nicholas Pritzker started a law firm that was continued from generation to generation so that by the time Jay Pritzker was born, the family had really made a name for themselves and were very well off. Jay Pritzker founded the Hyatt hotel chain in 1979. He bought the very first Hyatt hotel, which was also his very first hotel, while he was waiting to catch a flight at “Fat Eddies”, a coffee shop in a Los Angeles airport. While he was in the coffee shop he had learned that the hotel was up for sale and wrote a cheque for 2.2 million dollars on a napkin, because he could not find his cheque book. He wrote this cheque to the owner of the hotel, Hyatt von Dehn, Pritzker kept the owners name and used it as the hotels name. That was the very first Hyatt hotel and later as the years progressed, more than 200 hotels popped up both domestically and internationally. Pritzker liked the idea of putting a hotel right next to the airport so customers would never have to worry about being late or missing their flight. He also liked that it was a luxury hotel. “The new breed of travelling salesmen who keep the global economy going expect to be pampered at the end of a hard day of making their pitch in some distant, and perhaps appalling, country. The great hotel chains, such as the Hyatts, are modern caravanserais. A taste of luxury is the salesman’s (or saleswoman’s) secret perk.” (“Jay Pritzker”). In 1979 he created the Pritzker prize; “an architectural prize that awarded 100,000 dollars to a world class architect every year”.(“Jay Pritzker”)  Jay Pritzker could be described as modest, intelligent, and most of all a true pioneer and a go getter. He died on January 23rd, 1999, in the same place he was born, Chicago, Illinois.


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